The Challenge 4 People of Color

If you are a person of color, that is, your skin is darker, and you were raised in a minority environment, in recent years… you have had two different choices:

  1. People like this Unknown-1 orUnknown this…

2. Or People like these:

And the choice was, and is… between good and evil.  Between God, and Satan, or evil [represented in Man by the MIND Within Man], which must be fought against by ones Soul… if one’s Soul has  acquired a sufficient level of Enlightenment? And, of course, each of us MUST take a personal responsibility for ons’s choices. And this is the critical issue of this blog.

And what determines one’s choice is the condition of one’s state of Consciousness?  That is, is one’s Soul more good than evil, or is the evil of the MIND attached to one’s Soul the more powerful ?  And how would you know this?

If your parents were racist, like those in #2 above, and like my father was, then you were psychologically crippled somewhat from early childhood.  But if your Soul is somewhat Enlightened… then you were not changed by your parent or parents, but you simply experienced pain due to their hatred, and the desire of your Soul was to not be like your parents, but to be a Soul that respects and loves God.

Were you aware the Soul of Man is composed of Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy?  Hardly anyone knows this, but it is true nonetheless. And what this means is that your Soul has no race whatsoever.  Or put another way, every Soul has the exact same  race… and that race is the Spirituality of God. In other words, the only part of yourself that is Real, in an Absolute sense… is your Soul. All the rest is subject to the cycle of birth and death.

If you see someone as a race, then you are mistaken. Period. The race of a person is the physical body… Within which the Soul of that person inhabits, and the physical body is an opportunity to rise above ones environment, and the illusion of life [one aspect of which is the race of ones body].

One’s challenge is to remember who one’s Soul is, and to keep  one’s Soul separate from the endless opportunity to be involved in the evil of this Earth.  Only those Souls that are not very Enlightened will naturally embrace evil… and if caught early enough, and helped to resist evil, some people can be helped to remember that they are Souls living in an illusion that seems real.

But for those Souls who are dedicated to engaging in evil, there is no excuse for helping them to hate other people  and to hate God. Because when you hold hate within yourself, you are in denial of God, and that is working to destroy ones Soul [which is an aspect of God]. Any fool can be a racist, or a bigot, or a victim.  Leave such people to their own death, do not involve yourself in their denial of God. Death of ones Soul means one’s Soul is returned to the primordial Energy of Creation, which is to us… as Nothing. Utter darkness and void is the non-life of Souls who are given death by God.


Brother James


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