A bit from my new book “Nothing is…”

OK… break, and change of topic. The symbol NSgy, or Neutral Spiritual Energy, is our next topic to discuss.
Neutral Spiritual Energy = Nothing to most people. That is, have you come up with something within this physical plane that is Neutral? I doubt you will, since NSgy stands for the Energy of Primordial Existence, within which the Creation exists… like an orange [the Creation] in the middle of a large endless field of NSgy [Primordial Existence].


Again, who is prepared to imagine such a thing? And yet, this is the Reality philosophers seek and expect to find using their brains.

Let me insert at this point how a mystic once described the Creation… in terms of relative sizes. He said that if the entire physical universe was placed within the Astral region, the physical universe would be like the head of a pin. And if the Astral region was placed inside of the Causal region, the Astral region would be like the point of a pin. Man, or the physical human being… cannot really comprehend such immense concepts of size, space and “nothingness,” since Man has not as yet even begun to explore the physical universe. What would be helpful… is if mankind could receive the proper education to help mankind regain a bit of humility that has been lost as Man moves further away from God and the Reality of Life.

And the Spiritual dimension has no limits since it is NSgy, and it just “is”. Mind-blowing, isn’t it? But can the reader begin to appreciate how the more one learns about Reality, the more humble one becomes… if one is normal? Since the amount that mankind does not know is massive beyond imagination?

Over the years, I have lost the naive “respect” many have for officials in government.

I now view all people alike. All struggling Souls lost in an illusion whose primary purpose is to provide we Souls with an opportunity to rise above the illusion [eventually], or failing that, to be merged back into the Primordial existence… to perhaps have a go at becoming an immortal in some future Creation composed of millions of years of development and ultimate dissolution.

The Soul is composed of NSgy, and thus an Absolute Energy, but Spirit, or Consciousness… is given to the Soul as part of the “Play” of Life.  And we Souls either rise in Enlightenment, or we choose the Play,  and descend back into the Primordial Existence.  There is apparently no end to this process, if ones Soul chooses the Play over Enlightenment…


Brother James


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