I feel a need to share a number of mystical Truths with you that are little known. And they are little known because they are either feared, denied, or ignored… or all three.  And Truths are said to be sheer speculation, since many people say they cannot be proven by physical means.  And in large part these people are correct.  For example, how can you know what happens after death, until you die?

Let us begin with the concept of death.  Or, perhaps we should go deeper into the Reality of Man, and deal with the question:  What is Man?

You see, in the West, and let us selfishly confine ourselves to America… we really know very little about the whole of Man, or the whole of Life. And this ignorance has not been quite so critical until just the last decade or so.  Or, until many Americans began to notice how much evil there seemed to be in the nation.  Not that Mankind has not always had evil people on Earth, but since the 1990s, the amount and public display of evil has seemed to be increasing continually… or is this just my opinion?

Were you aware that Man, or more precisely Within Man,  there are subtle energy centers  that are called Chakra centers.  The term Chakra is Hindu, and it means “whirling energy center”.  And there are seven of these, beginning at the top of the head, one at a center just between and slightly above the two eyes, one at the throat, one at the chest, one at the stomach, one at the pelvis, and the bottom one is at the end of the spine, around the anus.  And each center converts Lower MIND energy into various levels of vibrational energies that work with the emotional and neurological networks; and these then operate the physical organs of the physical body.

Science tends to deny and ignore anything more subtle than the physical aspects of the neurological network of the body.  The subtle aspects of Man operate via vibrational messages sent from a higher aspect to lower aspects, and the lower aspects have no option but to do what they are ordered to do.  But three-quarters of the whole of Man are vibrational entities that are invisible to the physical senses of Man: So the MIND of Man, the Spiritual dimension of Man, and both the psychology and personality of Man are invisible to the brain and physical senses of Man.

So, when modern mental health [or what I refer to as “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’], which is based on the delusional thinking of B.F. Skinner, and was put forth in the early 1900s, says that the only part of Man that matters is Man’s behavior… these people are saying the only part of Man we care about is what we can perceive with our brains and physical senses.  This means, of course, they are saying that they have no interest in the three-quarters of Man that are not physical.

And there you have lesson #1.


Brother James


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