The following was just written as part of a revision of my website.  It might be of interest to some people?

And since 1978, I have been doing my best to try and crack open the iron doors that B.F. Skinner, and thousands of people like him, have shut against the Psychology of the ancient Greeks. I refer to modern mental health as Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology,” or “BS&bp”. And the main contribution of BS&bp to Man over the last century is that BS&bp denies, ignores, and seeks to eliminate three-quarters of the whole of Man.

Many [not all, but most] people trained in BS&bp have no idea why Veterans they are “helping” seek to commit suicide? The reason is that the licensed mental health professional has no idea that he or she has a MIND that sends messages of fear to the MIND of the Veteran, and this causes the MIND of the Veteran to reinforce the trauma his or her MIND is repressing. Each visit makes worse the pain and suffering of the Veteran. There comes a time when the Veteran’s MIND determines that suicide must be the only way out. and when this happens, the Veteran is just said to have been too far gone to help. In my opinion, this is wrong. Shameful. And needs to change.

But who listens to one lone voice in the wilderness?


Brother James


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