A Matter of Intuition… a secret Science fears !!!

Since education today is literally owned by people confined to the malady of Intellectualism [that is people confined to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain, and in denial of emotionality almost entirely], so I wonder how many people realize that our children are not taught how to use, grow, or encourage their faculties of Intuition?

And how many people realize a major intent of Common Core is to insure that no child ever be given an opportunity to experience his or her faculty of Intuition… which means Common Core is intended to destroy a child’s ability to love God.  Since Spirituality is only available to one via ones faculty of Intuition.  Intuition is an aspect of ones Apapsyche [Operational Energy of ones Soul] or an aspect of ones Spiritual dimension, and thus,  not part of ones thinking at all.

And since most science-type people are very much into their brains and thinking [as opposed to use of their faculties of Intuition],  for them to seek to prevent a child from exploring Creativity, and imagination [as Common Core does] is a perverted  idea of people who fear their emotions, and quite likely Spiritual Truth as well.  The fact is… this almost evil part of Common Core is not often mentioned.  But for me, it is the most important and hideous part of Common Core.

But returning to the faculty of Intuition, it must be stressed that if allowed, children will naturally and automatically use their faculties of Intuition when playing, or spontaneously creating thoughts and scenarios to “fit” their imaginative explorations of ‘let’s pretend’.  But to the Intelack type person [those confined to thinking], this imagination of children is frightening to them, and they seek to prevent children from engaging in this exercise of Intuition.

This is perhaps the greatest reason for home-schooling of children.  The American system of education used to be the best in the world.  But since the greed of Unions have taken over our education, it has become a “business” dedicated to making money… not educating youth.

Perhaps this is what has happened to the Congress as well?  Too much money, and too much greed, which always creates corruption.  Term limits needed desperately.  Just like cities and states must find a way to fire bad teachers [who see teaching as a way to make money, period], and these harmful teachers are kept  in place… simply because teachers are cash cows for the Unions.  Unions see children simply as numbers which generate income.  That is why the Union lobby is so opposed to Home-schooling, and School Choice.

If your child is imaginative, and creative, encourage these abilities.  Do not punish the Intuitive child for being bright and naturally creative.  No child should be punished for expressing what God has provided that child.


Brother James


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