In 2008, I wrote a number of blogs, and tweets, that warned the couple people who might have read these warnings… that O was a psychologically disturbed human being, and that it was a huge mistake to vote for such a person.

I have been proven correct in every particular, but seeing my great America dismantled piece by piece has not been very satisfying for me.

The evil that O peddles is in itself disastrous, but his greatest harm has come from ordering [via Executive Orders] people in government to act against the Constitution of the United States of America, and against their own fellow citizens.   But his orders did not have to be followed, but what happened is that his evil, mean, vindictive assault on the goodness of America gave Intelack people in government [or people who personally lack much Conscience]  permission to engage in every form of corrupt, vile, vindictive, and destructive  practice their conflicted MINDs could imagine doing!  O merely unleashed the hounds of Hell, his partners in crime.

The net effect is that a frightened, psychologically conflicted, and really screwed up person, who was raised by, and tutored by a Communist, Whose parents abandoned him at age three, who has a very insecure and negative self-view of himself… was elected to head what had been the greatest example of Liberty on Earth.  O has succeeded in destroying Liberty while rewarding the worst kinds of people hiding in a bloated government;  letting loose the worst characteristics of such things while protecting their evil acts with corrupt Attorneys Generals and a cowardly majority in Congress.

And all of this so that Liberal-type people in America with an intense sense of guilt, and a love of corruption… could pat themselves on the back for electing [and re-electing] a black neighborhood organizer as President, who is then led by a female hate-America Iranian terrorist who serves as his mother-figure and chief puppeteer.

Ye gads… I really do dislike evil, godless people with immature Souls, and an absence of common sense, who are driven by a lack of Conscience.  Realizing that this End Time is when such evil people incarnate into the Earth plane to do evil… is little consolation to my attachment to the America I knew for 80 years… that always fought through the evil people trying to destroy it, until now.

Peace…[ is hard for good people to maintain today].

Brother James


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