In the Bible, Christ said for Man to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s.  In this statement, Christ clearly stated an overarching reality that is factual, not intellectual, arbitrary, nor arguable.

The framers of the Constitution of the United States of America, very carefully, and intentionally considered the statement of Christ, and in so far as possible on the Earth plane, created a document that wove the reality of which Christ spoke into the fabric of the Constitution:  …In order to form a more perfect union…meant in an attempt to marry the rule of Man with the ordinance of God, the Constitution was formed to serve both mammon, and God.

The marvel of the Constitution is that those men who were not as Enlightened allowed those who were more Enlightened to include language that is clearly alien to those within whom the Spirit was not strong, if present at all?  And this war between those within whom God is an active part of their lives, and those within whom God is missing, or barely present, has never been clearly enunciated, and made a clear part of Citizenship.

So, aggressive has the fear of godless people been to avoid, denounce, and remove God from their presence…those within whom God is a active presence have always yielded to the less than Enlightened… except in the Constitution of the United States of America.  And in the Constitution the reality of God was begrudgingly included, not gladly and enthusiastically pronounced as it might have been?

Like it or not, the Bible tells us there are two types of people on Earth.  One type is referred to in the Bible as Sons of God.  The other type is referred to as Sons of Satan.  And no amount of discussion, encouragement, or yielding to a denial of God will satisfy the Sons of Satan.

The essentially godless sons of Satan in America are doing their upmost to destroy God, and they have chosen to destroy the Constitution as their primary vehicle to destroy God in America. Obama has sought to overwhelm America with illegal aliens whose allegiance is not to God, but is to a socialized form of Catholicism that borders on Socialism.  Such people have no love of America, or its Constitution.  They do not intend to become an American citizen, but intend to bend citizenship to a godless form of Socialism.  This is my view, of course, but I believe it fits what is taking place.

I speak of this because it weighs heavy on my heart.  At the same time, I recognize that America has become weak in its allegiance to God, as the nation has allowed the sons of Satan to infiltrate the government, education, politics, and even the churches.  I believe we are on the precipice of losing the Constitutional inclusion of God, as a “wait and see” attitude has engulfed America.

I share this as a reminder to the sons of God, that the wise will resist this malaise and passive acquiescence to this killing of God and the Constitution… by redoubling their inclusion of God in their lives.   Because if the nation cannot be saved, at least let the sons of God save themselves, by insuring their Souls  are those pulled up in Faith in the near future.


Brother James, 3am  Monday morning.


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