Some lines from new book 4 Inmates

For example, most Democrat politicians think of themselves as “helping” others. And I have yet to hear a Democrat say that he or she is correcting the errors in Life created by God… but that is precisely what they are attempting to do. Which is why what they do is to harmful, painful and destructive for mankind.

Do such people really believe there is no “need” in life for poverty? How does a Soul explore and experience poverty, if there is none? How does a Soul “help the poor” if there are no poor to help?

If judges who fear personal responsibility themselves give lenient sentences to people who commit crime, how does a person experience the proper result of committing crime? In other words, the actual results of actions committed by people incapable of “anticipating” the natural results of their actions, will always be harmful for people. And the fact those who are harmed are “due such harm as their Karma,” does not reduce the Karmic obligations generated by those who created the pain and suffering for people!

So, the Law of Karma is Perfect, but those engaging in and suffering the result of Karma do not realize what they are doing, otherwise they would not be doing what they are doing. So, as one becomes more Enlightened, this means one has spent ones own time sowing and reaping Karma, and has slowly “learned” that indeed there is a cost for every action a person takes.

The two types of people then… are those who are early in the process of Life, and those who have been at the work of Life for some time. The Intelack type person is new to the game of Life, and the Enlightened person is an older Soul, and having learned the cost of doing evil, is able to resist the temptation.


Brother James


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