Some more words regarding issues today… from new book

And the ONLY way to learn about the MIND is to learn about ones own MIND by engaging in proper and competent Psychotherapy from someone who is Enlightened enough to facilitate the exploration of one’s own MIND. And no, this cannot be done by use of the brain and thinking.

And what the Intelack people trained in BS&bp fail to recognize [because they have been taught to ignore Reality, and even licensed to in fact deny Reality], is that Man is composed of more than just the brain and thinking. Man IS NOT A ONE DIMENSIONAL THING.

For the Veteran, or the child, it is not an intellectual decision to commit suicide, it is the only option provided to these people by their MINDs which are in conflict. THIS IS BASIC PSYCHOLOGY 101!

Unfortunately this reality has been denied for the last century by Intelack people in BS&bp. And now their denial is institutionalized, and they will fight with all they have to retain their ignorance. And politicians, who only listen to powerful organizations who feed them $$$, do not listen to people like you, or me.

What one wonders is whether these politicians are blind and deft as well as filled with greed? Surely the suicides of Veterans should raise some kine of questions in these politicians?

Or is maintaining the ignorance of BS&bp important enough to sweep the suicides under the rug of political cover-up?  Money and special interests over lives of Veterans?

How often do we watch some politician ask a question of some fellow bureaucrat or representative of some favored group, and the answer is an obvious lie, and the politician says nothing?
_________ But do not give up hope. There are ways to help ourselves despite the abject failure of politicians, and the deceitful disregard of people bonded together to protect self-interest over Truth.
_______________The MIND…


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