The MIND of the Homosexual forces a deeply repressed and thus fully non-conscious choice by a person, which includes placing ones birth identity behind an assumed identity of Homosexuality, and then maintaining this false identity by constant fixation on ones assumed identity of Homosexual.
The reason the Homosexual is constantly fighting with the public to force the public to recognize the Homosexual as normal, natural, or more important that everyone else…is that the MIND of the Homosexual must constantly reinforce the false identity… against the natural need of the Soul of a person to address the Fate Karma that Soul designed for this lifetime.
To maintain the false identity of a Homosexual is to create negative Karma, because it denies the Karma that Soul promised to address in this lifetime.
So, if a person denies his or her true identity for an extended length of time, all that time must be tacked onto the Karma of that person for his or her next lifetime. But before that can happen, and speaking of the End Time, in which we all find ourselves right now… anyone judged to be a Homosexual at the time of Armageddon, will be placed in the Lake of Fire, and will spend at least 1,000 years there, and then after that, the person will be judged again, but this time, the judgement is whether the Soul of that person shall be extinguished, or not?


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