Part I

The illness of Homosexuality is not new in DC, but the growth and placing it as the primary goal of government is both new, and to me, quite frightening.

I never, in my wildest imagination ever imagined that the President of the United States of America would order the White House to be lit up as a poster celebrating that the government of America has now been taken over by the Homosexual Lobby, and the President of the United States of America is now the top Homosexual in the world.

The blatant in your face disrespect of America by Obama is just one more abuse of power by the MIND of a very sick individual.  Made sicker by the nature of the illness of Homosexuality.

You see, the illness of Homosexuality is a virulent and aggressive deterioration of the physical brain of a person, engineered by that person’s MIND, and it only requires that such a person possess a weak and unenlightened Soul. In  the case of Obama, I believe he is what the Bible refers to as a “son of Satan”. [John 8:44].  There are, apparently, individuals on Earth who possess Souls that are so lacking in Spirituality, that they can be [to borrow a phrase from Star Wars] turned to the “Dark side” rather easily.

The illness of Homosexuality is an insidiously vicious illness in that it literally takes over the conscious awareness of a person, placing a false identity in front of who and what they person was prior to becoming infected with the illness of Homosexuality.

At the core of this illness is or are deeply repressed misperceptions, held within the MIND of a person [which are non-conscious to the person]… that is, these misperceptions exist, but the person is not cognitively aware of possessing these misperceptions [since they comprise deeply repressed traumata taken-on by a person’s MIND at or near the time of a person’s birth].  But… to comprehend what i just wrote, the reader must be open to the concept that it is the MIND of a person that determines the Psychology of a person, not that person’s brain or thinking.  And the MIND of Man is unfortunately a mystery to ‘modern mental health’.

In other words, the ‘illness of Homosexuality’ is like the tip of a very complex [and mostly invisible] psychological structure of Man, three-quarters of which are invisible to the brain.  So, how is one supposed to comprehend this illness?  Well, the ‘problem’ is… precious few do comprehend this illness.  And the few who do understand this illness are doing their best to help those homosexuals who desire to address this illness operating Within themselves.  But every person who is infected with this illness is doing everything he or she can do to discount, besmirch, destroy, and make life miserable for those good people trying to help with this contagious illness.

The principle symptom of the illness of Homosexuality is denial of the illness.  That is, a refusal to acknowledge that this illness is an illness, and that it is neither normal nor natural.

I firmly believe that if Christianity did not follow the Bible, which states very clearly that the illness of Homosexuality is a dangerous disease, the damage of this infectious disease would be even worse than it is.

Just one aspect of the illness is that it demands the infected person  fixate upon, and thus spend most of ones life thinking about ones illness.  Another aspect of the illness is that to maintain this false identity, one must adopt certain affectations which constantly reinforce ones adopted identity.  Aside from looking at everyone of ones same sex as a potential sexual partner, those infected with this disease either directly or indirectly discount, disparages, and make fun of people of the opposite sex.  And all of this behavioral reinforcement [symptoms of] the illness take up an enormous amount of time.  I am unaware of any study as to how much work time is dedicated to ones illness among homosexuals, but I would venture to say it is substantial, and in government, this would be billions of dollars spent to pay for people to play homosexual.

And what I have said thus far… does not fully cover the symptoms of this disease.  I have not even begun to speak to the disastrous impact upon the social structure of this disease  and its deleterious impact on morality generally, and the lying, cheating, and vulnerability to being blackmailed being just the most obvious dangers inherent in this disease.   In the military, Obama has almost single-handedly destroyed the morale and fighting capabilities of the military.

In the next segment, I will do my best to explain the Psychology of this illness, and what makes this disease so infectious?


Brother James


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