I have mentioned several times previously, but it bears repeating… that there are two distinctly different types of people on Earth.

One type is the Intelack, and the other is the Enlightened type person.  The term Intelack combines the two words “Intellectualism,” and “lack”…  as in,  lack of Consciousness.

The term Consciousness refers to how much Spiritual Evolution ones Soul has acquired while in the form of a human being [and at this juncture, we lose a great many people].  You see, unless the reader is capable of accepting the concepts of Reincarnation and Transmigration, the reader must bail out of this explanatory journey into the Esoteric facts of Life.

Despite the fact that at least half of the world believes in Reincarnation, the West, encouraged by parts of Christianity, sticks to the misguided belief that the Soul only has one lifetime in which to achieve Perfection… or the Soul is destroyed.  Since I was a very small child, it has never made sense to me that God Created the Creation, and populated with Souls [as aspects of Himself] only to kill the Souls in the very first lifetime they lived.  Why would he do this?

In the Bible, it is stated that Man has but one life to live, and at the end of that lifetime, the MIND attached to the Soul of that Man must be judged. Well, this is true… at the end of each lifetime, the Soul [with MIND attached] is taken to the Astral region, and there it meets with a judge, and together, ones Soul and this judge  go over how well ones Soul-MIND combination did working through the Fate Karma ones own Soul designed for its just completed lifetime?

Then ones Soul [with MIND attached] goes to either some Hell, where the MIND is re-educated, or ones Soul [with MIND attached] goes to some Heaven, where the Soul rests before its next reincarnation.  And in the new incarnation, one has a new physical body, a new brain, personality, and psychology… expressly designed for its new lifetime.

The Intelack type person is merely a Soul that is early in its development, and thus, that Soul possesses very little Consciousness.  And we must differentiate Intellectualism from Consciousness.  It is quite possible to be very intellectual and have a less than Conscious Soul. America is filled with such people.  All those who gravitate to Marxism, Socialism, or have a very intense need to CONTROL others… is an Intelack type person.  And the distinct identifier of the Intelack is someone who believes life is unfair, and that the rich need to have their wealth taken and redistributed to the poor.  Unfortunately, there is no way to improve the thinking of the Intelack in this lifetime.  The problem is realizing they exist, and that they are a problem to Enlightened people all around the world.


Brother James


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