It is often said… “Never too late to do the right thing”.  But, perhaps this statement is applied to situations that are less convoluted, confused, and subject to public scrutiny than the field of Criminal Justice?

Many years ago, I was providing therapy for a group of sex offenders in a prison in the State of Washington.  Was this a good thing, or a bad thing?  Well, that depends upon what the therapy was “called,” and who was making the decisions regarding what the term “experiment” means?

I, being very naive in the field of politics [which is what I came to realize  the administrative process of Criminal Justice is], I made the mistake of using the term “experiment” in a presentation to a group of governmental bureaucrats,  My error was in not realizing how threatening my term “experiment” would be to these bureaucrats whose collective ignorance of the field of Psychology was overwhelming… given the responsibility they had been given to deal with the problem of sex offenders in the State of Washington.

You see, my naivety was not just my own ignorance of how ignorant bureaucrats in the Department of Corrections were about the topic of Psychology.  I was also quite naive regarding how ignorant the field of ‘behavioral psychology’ was regarding the Psychology of Man?  This took place in the 1990s.  Alas, nothing has changed… except the ignorance has been compounded and extended as behavioral scientists have gained “control” over the political operations of the Department of Corrections in Washington State.

My own expertise lies in understanding what the MIND of Man is, how it works, and how the MIND needs to be dealt with in producing effective psychotherapy?  And, I also have a fairly unique understanding of how all of this understanding of the largely Esoteric [and mostly invisible psychological phenomena of Man]  is acquired…  in fact, it is impossible to acquire an adequate understanding of the Psychology of Man  by intellectual means alone.  That is, by use of the brain and thinking.  Therefore, without special training… it is impossible to comprehend what the MIND is, how it works, or how one goes about making corrections in the MIND.  Because such corrections must take place while the person [whose MIND is being addressed] is in a state of conscious awareness that is subtly other than what that person would normally experience… if that person was  operating in his or her brain.

In other words, that which ’causes’ a person to engage in behavior that is harmful to others originates in that person’s MIND.  It is a body of deeply repressed emotional traumata, that are composed entirely of misperceptions taken-on by that person’s MIND at or near the time of that person’s birth.  And, of course, all of this repressed phenomena are fully non-conscious to the person.  Not part of his or her cognitive thought processing, in other words.  All of it is held at levels of the non-conscious MIND, and this can ONLY be accessed in an altered state of consciousness, which must be facilitated by a therapist who has substantially cleared such repressed material from his or her own MIND.

Any therapist [and by any, I mean ALL therapists] who have not undergone their own program of psychotherapy, designed specifically to help them identify, re-experience, and eliminate the traumata associated with the setting of such traumata Within their own MINDs, will automatically be prevented by their MINDs from accessing their own MINDs, and thus… they will  be unable to facilitate anyone else in doing so.

In addition, it is not possible to realize any part of what I have just shared… using ones brain, except that one can read the words, and ones own MIND will use Delusional Thinking addressed to ones brain  to convince one that [of course] one cognitively understands what I have written.   This delusional condition is quite common for most people, and it is a problem… because it interferes in a person actually comprehending the FACT THEY ARE UNABLE TO COMPREHEND WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.

So, my presentation to those bureaucrats so many  years ago involved a great deal of material that was both frightening and threatening to the bureaucrats [but in my naivety at that time] I was unaware how frightening my discussion of the unknown MIND was to those who were listening to me.

Their response was to use my unfortunate use of the term “experiment” to bar me from my prison work, and to black-ball me within the system generally.

That was an unfortunately loss for the sexually conflicted inmates, but then who cares in the State bureaucracy whether or not these people are helped… as long as the Public remains satisfied that they are protected from these creatures?

The damage an ignorant bureaucrat can produce in government is enormous, and amazingly predicable… but when the only people one has to complain to are other bureaucrats… what is the point, right?  Man’s inhumanity to man just continues because so few qualified mental health professionals exist today.

At 80, I’m soon to be gone, and before I leave, I thought I would share this with those who have loved ones imprisoned in bureaucratic nightmares.  As strange as it seems, it is possible [it is of course rare, but nonetheless] for inmates to subtly benefit from specific communication that is aimed at impacting their MINDs.  So, I will be starting on a book today, entitled:   “A book of Change 4 Inmates”.  And I hope it will be available soon.


Brother James


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