From The Path of the Masters, by Dr. Julian Johnson.

“We believe… that the lowest ebb in the degenerative retrogression of the human race took place something like four hundred thousand years ago.  Of course, that was some time before the beginning of this Kal Yuga, the Iron Age… For they say that Kal Yuga began only about five thousand years ago.  From that time on, slowly, almost imperceptibly, the race has regained some portion of what it had lost.

If the darkest period of human history actually occurred as we believe, about the middle of latter half of the Dwapar Yuga, the Copper Age, then the race has been slowly evolving ever since that time. That would fit in perfectly with the findings of scientific evolution based on geological records, and the few fragments of prehistory man which have been left.  Now man must go on evolving until he reaches the noon tide of the next Golden Age.  This will, of course require some time.  But signs of such an upward trend are not wanting.  It is moreover our condition, looked at from the viewpoint of the long cycles of time, that there will be a very rapid upward  advance from now on [Dr. Johnson wrote this in 1939, and revised it in 1957].

We need not worry about war clouds.  Out of the jar and clash of conflict, a newer and better civilization will emerge.  Let no faint heart imagine that civilization is to be destroyed.  It cannot be done. Real civilization is yet to rise above the wreck of battle. The spiritual science of the Masters must yet point the way for the building of a new federation of man.  The leading economic principle will be that every man shall enjoy that which he has earned, and its fundamental law shall be the law of love.”

Dr. Johnson, was a sage student of mysticism, history and Spirituality.  I find his reference to the “noon tide of the next Golden Age,” of interest to us, since both prophets in history and the Mayans tell us that the end of the Iron Age occurred in 12/21/2012 , which then naturally leads to the beginning of the next Golden Age of Man.  A thousand years of which, the Bible tells us will be ruled over by Christ, and those Christians said to be martyrs of Christ.  What a most propitious beginning of the new Golden Age of Man.

My point is, the Reality of Life is not all-to-geather what many believe it to be.  And God tells us via his disciples that for those who love God, there is no death.  This no doubt speaks to the Soul of Man, which is of God.  Not our physical bodies.


Brother James


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