Very few alive today remember the roaring 20’s.  But in those days, the people were experiencing the ‘good’ times, and evil was tolerated  [as stated by the mob bosses] “We just provide what people want”.  Well, when citizens began being shot as part of the war between the criminals, the public demanded the government deal with the criminals. This is when the ‘tommy-gun’ came into being, and the G-men.  But today. the allegiance of the “G-men,” instead of working for the people, and Constitution, seem to be working for the current administration, and against the citizens.  This, I believe is called fascism.

But America was a much simpler place then, and the citizens were much less educated, and in rural areas, people believed in God, and thus, in principles of morality. What has changed, over time and from Within mankind… is something we in the West pay little attention to. That is, the winding down of the Iron Age of Man. The Iron Age is the last in a series of four Ages of Man: Golden, Silver, Copper and Iron.  And in the Iron Age mankind is subjected to an increase in the power of Satan, or evil.  And this constant negative or evil influence continues until the end of the Iron Age.

The Mayan calendar listed the end of the Iron Age as 12/21/2012.  And at that time all the planets aligned themselves with the Milky Way, and the center of the physical Universe.  But this was the astrological indication of the end of the Iron Age, and the beginning of the new Golden Age of Man.  What many, including myself, failed to realize is that the astrological calendar is separate from the sociological or Earthly calendar.

Or put another way…. mankind is impacted by the astrological calendar, but subtly and over time, not at the moment of the alignment of the planets.  Today we find ourselves at the physical calendar of September 30, 2015, and we are still experiencing the end of the Iron Age of Man, which, according to the Bible, we have about 7 more years to explore until the end finally comes… with the battle of Armageddon.

Is it at all reasonable to suggest that we have at least two [and perhaps multiple] realities paralleling one another?  We have the Eastern calendar, the Mayan calendar, the Hopi calendar, and the world’s calendar.  And we also have the skeptic, Atheist, or  ideas of Intellectualism all seeking to explain what is happening?

If this is true… and it is, apparently, then this means the End Times began on 12/21/2012, and these ‘times’ will continue until the year 2022.  That is a total of about 10 or 11 years.  So, this is a good lesson for those who care about such things… that is, the time of Reality, or Spirituality moves a bit slower than what we are accustomed to experiencing with our brains and thinking.

As far as we know, Christianity has not existed before? So, it is a story of about 2,500 years, more or less.  But since it parallels much of prophecy, one can’t help but imagine there must be some SOURCE for all of the many religions, ages, civilizations, and endings of the world?  And, in the West, there is little consideration of what happens post Armageddon?  While in the East, they say quite clearly that the Earth and physical universe ends periodically with what is called a ‘dissolution’.

They say there are two types of dissolution:  One is the mini-dissolution, where only the physical dimension of Creation ends.  The other is the Grand-dissolution, in which the entire Creation ends, and all matter is dissolved into the primordial existence [which I believe is Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy.  The mystics tell us that when a Grand-dissolutiion occurs, it remains dark for a period of time equal to the time it was light.

What has not been seen before [I believe] is the story of Christianity, and that of Christ, who, as the son of God, offered Souls who were “ready” for the message, a way to shift from the cycle of birth and death of the body, to a life beyond the physical body, but to do this, one had to rise above evil.  How many were able to do this… is a question those who find themselves in an Astral body after Armageddon will have to discover?

What Christianity refuses to acknowledge is that for thousands of years, in the East, this story of Christianity has been paralleled by Perfect Living Masters who came to Earth to gather Souls who were “ready” to begin their journey Home.


Brother James


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