I have said before, there are two different types of people on Earth.  One is the Intelack type person [those who lack C’etc], and the Enlightened type people.

What I have not  likely shared is that Enlightened people also differ in how much Spiritual Evolution a person’s Souls has acquired?  In the following chart, the number 1 people are the Intelack people, and they read words only.  Then the # 2 Enlightened type person reads words and uses Intuition to “register” some emotional content. Finally, we have the #3 Enlightened type person who reads words, emotional content, and can also Intuit the psychological motivation behind the words being read.

Reader types

So, when a # 3 Enlightened person reads the writing of a typical Lib/Dem/Intelack type person, the Enlightened person can readily “see” the psychological intention behind the words of the Intelack type person.  The #3 Enlightened person can “see,” in other words the fear, dishonesty, and often the reasons the Intelack is lying, using words to deceive others.

Unfortunately, what I just shared is unknown to modern mental health [the members of which are hugely Intelack type people today], and thus, the public hears nothing about this disparity in truth telling by #1 Intelack people, and #2/#3 Enlightened people.  That is, Obama is called a liar, but because the vast majority of the public does not realize that his lying is automatic due to the low-level of Consciousness he possesses, people tend to give him a pass.

To ignore a natural liar who is also Commander in Chief is what is plunging this nation into a very bad situation.  And in the nation’s slumber, mesmerized by Intelack people heading much of government, media and education, the future looks quite dismal.

So, for the #3 type people, transfer your attention within yourselves, and focus on God, and await activities already on their way.


Brother James


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