Another short comment about PTSD, and improper treatment…

Believe it or not… the American Indians, Yogis, and of course, Christ, have all been aware of the fact that Consciousness has many levels to itself. And the brain is just one level of Consciousness. All Enlightened individuals [as part of becoming Enlightened] discover how to withdraw ones Consciousness [via Intuition] out of the brain and into some level of the MIND, or some low level of ones Spirituality. And the more Enlightened one is, the easier this withdrawal is. However, if one lacks Enlightenment, well then, access to ones Intuition just isn’t possible.
And… of course what I have just written will be strongly mocked, ridiculed, and simply denied by the majority of people trained to believe that the brain is all one needs to possess in order to memorize symptoms… which to a certain class of people, are thought to be ample evidence that something is wrong with a person. And the diagnosis naturally follows that by observing a person’s behavioral symptoms, one may certainly speculate as to what might be causing those symptoms?… Unfortunately, as long as one looks OUTSIDE of the person [whose MIND is creating the symptoms which are specifically designed to “vent” internally generated negative energy in behaviors that  are intended to mask, hide, and prevent the observer from discovering the source or nature of the traumatic [and deeply repressed] energy being vented by the masking behavior. The Source behind behavior is ALWAYS deeply repressed traumata being vented from the MIND.
Modern mental health [or BS&bp (Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”) — at least the Intelack people in BS&bp– are easily fooled by their MINDs, as they perfectly “fit” into this MIND-level offering of Delusional Thinking… or ideas and beliefs fed to the Left-Hemiphere of their brains by their MINDs. And this D-Think takes place so smoothly, they have no way of discovering they are being manipulated by their MINDs. Research BS&bp .
If this did not mean that virtually 100% of the diagnoses being made today are incorrect, and inappropriate, the situation might be humorous. But there is nothing humorous about the needless pain and suffering being experienced by millions of human beings every day… who are victims of fear, ignorance and improperly trained people in mental health and “psychology”. Strong condemnation? Yes, it is, and I trust that when you read through this “course,” even though it is purely intellectual… the many references to the ‘whole’ of Man will help you widen your appreciation of what Real Psychology should be… and how much of what Psychology “needs to be” is not being practiced today. This is especially true when it comes to the Veteran suffering from PTSD, and the many Veterans who are committing suicide… due to improper treatment.

Brother James


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