Something not many seem to know….

In working on my book:  The Structure of Psychology, I wrote the following this morning, and people might be interested?

_______The Higher MIND [the Causal body], and the Lower MIND [the Astral body].

Cons Aw

Lower MIND, Higher MIND, Physical dimension, and the Spiritual dimension can all be accessed by ones faculty of Intuition. And this is a most extraordinary phenomenon. What is most extraordinary is how few people are aware of what Intuition is, what it does, or how it works? No doubt the reason for this lack of understanding is that to explore ones Intuition, one must leave ones brain and thinking. And as the reader can readily imagine, few people are keen on letting go of thinking. The reason is that the MIND convinces one that to let go of thinking… will result in ones falling to an abyss of nothingness.

This is how ones MIND frightens one into remaining subservient to ones MIND. So fear is an enemy of Man, and fear is also the MIND’s greatest illusion. And I say illusion because ONLY God can alter the reality of a Soul. As long as God sustains a Soul, that Soul is immortal. And this illusion is only diminished when ones Soul acquires enough C’etc to enable it to awaken to Knowledge of its own Spirituality. The Soul is immortal… but only if it is not found wanting, in which case it is judged [as in the last judgement at the time of Armageddon]. And this point is emphasized in the Bible, because a Soul can be sent back to the primordial Energy of Existence… if that Soul is judged as unfit to remain a Soul. For some reason, this point is rarely made public?


Brother James


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