This might be of interest to some…

Enlightened people are always at war in every place on Earth, but they rarely identify the resistance of Intelack people as an indication of being at war. If the Enlightened person has a fault, that fault is being naive to the unrelenting desire of godless people to gain control of the governmental systems on Earth, because they inherently realize this is where their power to CONTROL exists.

Ostensibly the United Nations exists to prevent war, but the underlying and more insidious purpose is to gain CONTROL over mankind. Ever wonder why the UN puts up with so many nations run by Dictators?  Control is the game, welfare of mankind is only a detail to be pacified.

CONTROL and the delusional need to Control people, places, and things… takes place at the level of a person’s psychology, and it is the natural desire of those Souls that are operated by their MINDs, while their Souls take-on a supportive but secondary role…a role unable to prevent the person from gravitating toward negativity. There is a point [some point] on the Ladder of Life, where ones Soul, having acquired a sufficient amount of C’etc [the Virtues of Life], begins to push back against the MIND that is attached to it. In modern American terms, these people would be political fence-sitters. Or they would be Agnostics, not sure if there is a God or not, but unwilling to discount God entirely.  They are also RINO Republicans who think compromise with evil is a good thing.

In other words, who a person is, is determined by how much Spiritual Evolution his Soul has acquired? It is not ones education, family, creed, religion, race, or any other physical attribute that determines what kind of person a person is? Mankind is generally confused as regards the reason people are not all the same, and how to explain why some people are quite evil? And this confusion is the natural result of mankind not being told the Truth about the Reality of Life.  But this is jumping well ahead of ourselves.

__________________ Peace, Brother James


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