“REAL PSYCHOLOGY…as taught by the ancient Greek Nostics.”
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A General Discussion of “Esochology” by James W. Patterson, Ph.D. [Brother James]
After 40 plus years buried in the Esoteric, or invisible dimensions of Man, it has occurred to me that at age 80, I am not ever going to be invited to teach at some college or university, where I might share some rather extraordinary bits of Knowledge with those attempting to study Psychology as though it could be studied with the brain. So, having accepted that disappointment, I will teach a proper course of “intellectual” information… which will be most interesting, but it will also be quite ineffectual if one reading the material would like to apply it to his or her work.

And the reason it will be ineffectual is that three-quaters of Psychology consist of invisible, or esoteric dimensions which the brain can neither perceive, nor experience. And thus, this site will offer one-quarter of a course that I would have loved to teach… and it will of necessity point to, but not be able to convey the experiential explorations required to awaken the student to the Empathetic and Intuitive faculties hidden Within Man, but entirely inaccessible to the brain and physical senses. So, for the three-quarters of Man that form the bulk of Psychology, the ONLY way to study these [seemingly] invisible dimensions of Man is by educated use of ones faculty of Intuition. which is the only way for Man to discover the MIND [and how the MIND operates], and the Spiritual dimensions of May, which are virtually unknown to modern Man… perhaps because they are quite unknown to science and mental health?

And… of course what I have just written will be strongly mocked, ridiculed, and simply denied by the majority of people trained to believe that the brain is all one needs to possess in order to memorize symptoms… which to a certain class of people, are thought to be ample evidence that something is wrong with a person. And the diagnosis naturally follows that by observing the behavioral symptoms, one may certainly speculate as to what might be causing the symptoms… as long as one looks OUTSIDE of the person whose MIND is displaying the symptoms which are specifically designed to mask, hide, and prevent the observer from discovering the source or nature of the traumatic [and deeply repressed] energy such symptoms are intended to mask.

If this did not mean that virtually 100% of the diagnoses being made today are incorrect, and inappropriate, it might be humorous. But there is nothing humorous about the needless pain and suffering being experienced by millions of human beings every day.


Brother James


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