A little know aspect of the operation of ones MIND…

I just wrote the following as part of explaining how the MIND works [as part of my new book] when it feeds Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain, in order to prevent one from becoming aware of something in life that “might” expose one to that which ones MIND holds repressed Within itself.  Usually some bit of trauma take-on in early childhood.

_______In fact, I suspect those people who are capable of experiencing their Intuition do not differentiate between thinking and their faculty of Intuition. At least I did not until I learned to do so.

This is a tribute to the operation of the Creation in general, and we human beings in particular, and the initial design of God. And I mention this only because it is of great importance for anyone who would study the Psychology of Man… properly.
The Attn Aspect of the Apapsyche [Operational Energy of the Soul] is capable of adopting its vibrational form… that is, it takes-on [or adopts] the vibration of the dimension it is entering, and thus… it becomes that dimension of Man. And the Awar Aspect of Apapsyche always follows the Attn Aspect, and what the Attn Aspect is focused upon is what the Awar Aspect is experiencing.

And this would not be possible if the attention of the brain was not subtly different that the Attn Aspect of ones Apapsyche. Ones cerebral attention is simply the Attn Aspect operating through ones brain and physical senses. Remember, the Attn Aspect can adopt itself to any of the four vibrational dimensions of Man instantly.

In fact, the MIND makes use of the requirement that the Attn Aspect of Apapsyche must make the Attn Aspect available to the brain whenever the MIND feeds D-Think to the brain. The Attn Aspect of Apapsyche must shift into the brain to convert the MIND-level D-Think [the MIND is feeding to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain] into brain-level thinking, and in this way, the brain has no way of knowing that what it is thinking is of the MIND, not itself, nor based on information from outside oneself. This is the reason that people can lie, or think things are true, when what they are thinking is a false bit of information fed to them by their MINDs.

And the reason the MIND does this is that the MIND senses that something a person is going to be exposed to will expose something the MIND holds hidden [repressed Within itself]. So, the MIND simply blocks the person’s awareness of some bit of information and instead provides other information that is similar, but different in the form of D-Think, which the brain believes is true.

In other words, ones prejudice is maintained by ones MIND blocking everything that would work to remove ones prejudicial beliefs. The ‘reason’ is that ones prejudice is, in some way, locked into certain repressed traumata, held Within ones MIND, and until or unless that repressed traumata is removed [by proper psychotherapy] the habit of prejudice remains part of that person’s belief system.

And there is no way to cause a person who is protected by his or her MIND to believe that he or she is not telling the truth; is mistaken in what he/she believes; or what he/she believes is wrong.  The value of competent psychotherapy cannot be appreciated in America today because the exercise of ‘proper psychotherapy’ is intentionally denied, resisted, and actually not part of the training of those in the fields of mental health and psychology today.  But who would believe this…. right?


Brother James


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