As I was sitting, wondering what I should write about this afternoon… it occurred to me to offer an unusual “gift” to any mental health professional who “feels” as though his or her training has not fully awakened  the inherent ability of him or her?

If you do “feel” this way, then chances are… you are correct.  And… good for you for noticing this!  What does this have to do with my “gift”?  Well, I am retired, and my expertise lies in having actually helped conflicted people get in touch with deeply repressed misperceptions held within their MIND realms, and by re-experiencing the emotional trauma that “set” the misperception, their conflict disappeared.

What I offer to any therapist, psychotherapist, or psychiatrist [or small group] who would enjoy being of greater service to the clients/patients they serve… is a short one-week advanced course in Competent Gestalt Psychotherapy at no cost, except for your transportation. Your room, board and training will be provided at no cost.

Why would I offer something like this?  Primarily because the citizens of America deserve a great deal better treatment than they are receiving today.  And the fields of mental health and “psychology” are controlled by people who do not realize they intensely fear the MIND of Man.  That is, the ghost of B.F. Skinner still controls the halls of mental health, and the public deserves better.

What I will help you discover will in no way compromise you with your license, except to enhance your treatment of people.  And I will also teach you how to hide your new skills and abilities so as to not threaten those in your field who have no idea what the MIND is?  If interested, drop me a line via email:


Brother James


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