AMERICA…We do have a choice!

The fact is… the only part of Man that is Real…in an absolute sense… is the Soul of Man, or that portion of ourselves which is an aspect of God.  And this is true, whether one believes it or not?  And it is to the Soul of Man that I wish to speak.

Each human being has a Soul, and a MIND, and the MIND was attached to every Soul as we Souls entered the Creation, in the very beginning.  The reason for the MIND is that the Soul is composed of the same Energy as God, which I believe is “Neutral Spiritual Energy,” or NSgy [also spoken of as Love].  And the “secret” of this phrase is the term “Neutral”.  And… can you think of anything that is Neutral?   That’s because Neutral is like nothing, or no thing.  Neutral is Spiritual Energy, or the primordial Energy of existence.

And… without Creation, which is an illusion… [that seems real], we Souls would have no way to grow, mature, and experience what NSgy can be?  So, there are good people, not so good people, and really evil people.  And the type of person one happens to be is determined by where, on the Ladder of Life, one’s individual Soul resides?

How come everyone doesn’t “know” what I am saying?  Because what I am saying takes place at levels we cannot “see” with our physical senses.  You see, operating at levels which are invisible to our physical brains, are a host of Esoteric operations that serve the maturation process of we Souls, which was designed by God.  One can deny this, since it can’t be proven physically, but why deny it?

But…Back to “our” CHOICE !

Not everyone is capable of making a choice [because “choice” depends upon how Enlightened ones Soul is]?  And if you are someone whose MIND is in “control” of your life [which means your thinking and thus, your beliefs and choices]  then I am not talking about you specifically… although, if you do not actively resist those who are more Enlightened in making a choice for you, well then, you will benefit.

I am specifically speaking to those people who can “see” evil,  and who realize how destructive the Presidency of Obama has been for America.

It is [and will be] difficult to assume responsibility for America, since you will be criticized, scorned by those who are found of “free stuff,” and ridiculed by the main stream media… who are largely limited to Intellectualism [and this term means people whose Karma is to explore the intellect [without interference of emotion and common sense in this lifetime].

So, I am speaking to the warriors for God, goodness, mercy, Truth and Reality.  Or people who are Conscious enough to realize evil does not work.

The problem… as I see it, given the fact we are in the “end time” that is mystically laid out in the Bible,  and a rapidly rising threat from ISIS and Iran [aided by both Russia and China] WHILE OBAMA TAKES PICTURES OF HIMSELF… We are like a rudderless ship in a mounting storm, and wringing our collective hands will not resolve the problem… will it?

OUR CHOICE?  I propose those enlightened enough in the nation to realize that O is insane, and thus  a threat to all of us… and that we come together in an extraordinary movement [something like #A_USTruthRevolt],  whereby we conscious citizens encourage both Trump and Cruz to assume the role of leaders;  and we encourage our Generals to look upon them as our leaders [as we prepare for the war that is now imminent due to the Iran Deal],  and simultaneously… we encourage our state legislatures to call for an immediate national election for a new President of the United States of America.  WE DO NOT HAVE A YEAR TO WAIT, IN MY OPINION.

Israel needs help now, and if Israel makes a move to protect itself, then all hell will break loose in the Mid-East, where both China and Russia are not active.  And it is crucial that conscious Americans realize that Obama WILL NOT PROTECT ISRAEL, NOR THE UNITED STATES.  Again, Obama is insane, in denial, is sympathetic to both the Muslim and Marxist causes, and therefore worse than useless.

I am merely a retired Psychotherapist, not a leader, or politician, but I believe my idea has merit… given the crushing problems coming our way RIGHT NOW.

What say you?  Is there a WILL to save America by doing our part to reinstitute God back into AMERICA?  Good simply must rise above evil in America…for the survival of our Souls.  If we do not try and fight against evil, we tacitly enable evil, and resurrection will pass us by. We have a choice to make!!


Brother James


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