Obama has, since 2008 dismissed, urinated upon, decimated, disrespected and crippled the military.  Fired 400 field commanders, and humiliated all service members by forcing homosexuals and sexually conflicted, mentally ill people upon the honest, honorable, young people who volunteered to serve the nation. An insane action by an insane person.

At the same time, in his insane level of arrogance, his illusionary self-view saw himself as the hero of the Muslim world by inviting them to softly take over America. As evidenced by his placing Muslim Brotherhood agents into the highest offices in government [a Treasonous action].

O and his Czars then found a way to dramatically cut the military, and proceeded to do so with glee. As Congress watched him in dumb silence. Which is why much of Congress should be tried for treason.

Now, O has given Iran everything they need to achieve a nuclear weapon in very short order, and 150 BILLION dollars to further support terrorism, and rain death down upon Israel, and the Democrats all voted to support the murder of Israelis, Americans and all non-muslim nations on earth.

And who, except Senator Ted Cruz spoke out publicly in an attempt to awaken the sleeping Americans?  And still Americans wring their hands, curse on Twitter, and pretend they have no idea that O has done anything wrong.

Now that the Middle East has the go-ahead from O, and they are beginning to kill and wreck havoc on the world… O will ask for help, but only to focus the media on who they are to blame for the death machine of Iran O has paid to bring death to everyone in the world who does not hate God.

It will never cease to amaze me, with all the excellent snipers the military has trained, O prances around the nation making fun of people, seemingly immune to harm? America will reap the terrible cost of the evil O obviously, and without a word in opposition from Congress,  has visited upon America and the world.  The only question left is how long before America is destroyed by an insane religion that has trained in Mosques across the nation to take-over from a nation afraid to defend itself…[ reinforced with weapons and 150 Billion from Iran, as a gift from O & Kerry].  Is the reason no one of stature resisted O… because O is black, or have 40 years of Liberal education created a nation completely ignorant of what Liberty or Die means?

In 2008, America was given a challenge by God.  Resist the evil that O, as a son of Satan brought to America, or go along with Satan and allow O to turn America to Satan.  Alas, the US opened its arms to every kind of perversion, evil, and filth, and in doing so, Americans have eliminated themselves  from those who will be called to Christ just before Armageddon.

And this being the End Time,  the judgement this time will be permanent.  And after a long time in the Lake of Fire, the Souls thus judged will find themselves returning to the primordial Energy of existence, as nothing.  No existence at all.  But all were warned.

Sad, but that is Life.  Peace

Brother James


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