An Apology to Conservatives & ppl of Conscience

It occurs to me that most of the people who follow me are Conservatives, and certainly people of Conscience [which means somewhat Enlightened].

I have a tendency to remind people in my work generally that Intelack [or Democrat and Liberal] people cannot help but lie, because they [unknowingly and automatically (psychologically, which means at a non-conscious level) fear the Truth].  They do this because they are operated by their MINDs, and the MIND cannot perceive the subtle Energy of Truth, or the Soul.   And the MIND of such a person sees the term TRUTH, and his or her  brain can “see” the term, but the brain [being physical] will never be able to experience what the term TRUTH stands for.

In other words, the term Truth is an abstract term to the brain, and to the MIND.  And to people who are blocked from experiencing the Truth, what they can “know” are the words that attempt to define Truth in the dictionary.   And these words refer to relative ways to speak about that which the brain will never experience.

And yet, the Intelack type person [or person lacking consciousness, and Conscience [which is a Virtue Souls slowly acquire over time], have no idea that the abstract words they “know” as relating to what they think truth to be… are simply that:  Words that Intelack people believe are true [or actually ARE WHAT TRUTH IS].  The person who swears to tell the truth, in other words,  can only tell what he/she believes the truth to be.  “Did the man lift the club and strike the other man”?  If a person saw this occur, then he or she can testify to having seen this, but they cannot say what was in the heart, MIND, or psyche of the other person.

The Democrat Senator who voted today to allow Iran to build a nuclear bomb, was told by his Democrat leader to do so.  And what the Intelack cannot do is access his or her own Conscience, and tap into what is right and wrong… in terms of Absolute Truth?  So, at best, the Democrat deals in  relative truth, which can be adjusted by his MIND based on what is expedient for his MIND at the moment?  And quite literally, the MIND of the Intelack type person can feed Delusional Thinking to the brain of the Intelack, and the brain has no way of knowing that such D-Think is false, or untrue.

It is almost like math.  The higher up the Ladder of Life a person rises, the more Conscience he or she possess.  Another way of saying this is that a person’s Enlightenment is entirely due to how much Karma that person has experienced and completed in the lifetimes that person has lived?  The Intelack type person, although looking like everyone else, has a Soul that is very early in its maturation, or acquiring of Spiritual Evolution.  And the Intelack has no idea that he or she is lacking anything at all.  In fact, quite often the Intelack is quite intelligent, and the MIND of the Intelack causes him/her to believe that he/she is special, and even elite, and thus, it is the Enlightened people with all their nonsense about emotions and Spirituality that are nuts, crazy, or just religious zealots.

To speak Truth to an Intelack is speaking to his or her brain, period.  And he/she will respond with what he/she believes is truth.  It is relative truth, and hardly absolute in any sense of the word, but it is what the Intelack believes is truth.  And if you do not immediately yield in what you are trying to help them understand, they will attack you personally, and if necessary, viciously.  Such is the fear of the Truth within the Intelack type personality.

So, when I continually remind people that the Dem/Lib/Intelack CANNOT see, hear, nor accept the Truth, I am simply reminding myself and others of this otherwise invisible fact.

Forgive me this habit.  Thanks.


Brother James


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