In watching the film Jesus…  the term “Knowledge” was addressed, and that led me to write the following:  Since I believe that the Energy of God and the Soul is Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy.

It is what is in one’s heart [that is other than Neutral] that forms ones thoughts and actions.

How can one “see” other than Neutral [which is the Energy of Love, Truth, and ones Soul], unless it be evil that has entered into one’s heart?

Christ spoke of that which exists beyond what the senses can perceive; the Spiritual levels which, although invisible, nonetheless entirely sustain the whole of Creation.

God is Love, as is the Soul, but the MIND [which was attached to each Soul by God] is not Pure Spirituality, but is an invisible instrument Created by God, to help the Soul in the Creation.

MIND is tasked with providing the Soul experiential understanding of the Yin and Yang of the Creation, or the phenomena of duality, which are the manifested forms of Creation as manifested on the Earth plane of existence [none of which are NSgy].

What is called Knowledge is “given” to Man, but it can only be Known by a long process of physically and emotionally [MIND]  experiencing the manifested forms on this Earth. And for every Yang action, there is also a Yin action that must be experienced, and more importantly “owned” as initially created by oneself.  In other words, each of us must slowly come to the awareness that everything that happens to us, is the consequence of what we have ourselves done in the past.  This is the consequence of a design by God, that mystics tell us is the LAW OF KARMA. And the Law of Karma is Perfect, in that it never fails, it is always correct, and the “completion” of this Karma is the ONLY way to acquire KNOWLEDGE.

It is Within each Soul that choice is given to us to rise above the MIND, and its desires. And it is the Law of Karma that enables this experiential process, a part of which are routine visits of ones MIND to the many Hells that exist on the Astral region of Creation… where our Souls “learn” the difference between the good and evil aspects of Life.  Obvious then, we Souls have many lifetimes in which to explore and experience this Creation.

However, even within  such a Perfect program, there are some Souls that the Bible refers to as “sons of Satan”.  And in the ‘End Times,’ in which we find ourselves, the sons of Satan will find that the judgement all Souls will experience… will be a final judgment for them.  And I believe that means that they are slated for termination as Souls.

I just realized this after much study of Revelation in the Bible, coupled with research of the Mayan teachings, and Chapter 20-21, of Revelation in particular.

So, if those Souls that believe in God can “hear,” then increase your belief, and prepare for some very difficult times.  The present chaos will only increase and worsen.

Peace, and place your faith above all else.

Bother James


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