I don’t mean this title to be rude, or insensitive, but it is meant to suggest a HUGE problem in the field of modern mental health… due to simple ignorance [born of fear].

The fact is… all conflicted behavior, or issues with mental health, are SYMPTOMS of a conflict Within the emotionality of ones MIND.  And in the case of young people, their symptoms of conflict are CAUSED by an active conflict a young person has with his or her parent, or parents… and the conflict is not new.  It has slowly gotten worse, and it will continue to get worse until something [that neither the youth nor the parents are aware is going on] is changed.

How do parents who have no idea how they are causing the conflict of a child address the conflict of the child?  Well, they can’t very well do so, can they… if they have no idea what they are doing to cause it, right?  And to ask the child [which is what modern mental health “experts” are taught to do] is silly beyond reason, but it happens all the time.

The problem is psychological, and the term psychological means it takes place at a level Within the MIND of both the parent and the child, and  neither of them realizes there is a conflict taking place…  because the conflict is non-consicously held Within their MINDs… and the brain is certainly not the MIND.

And how does modern mental health deal with the MIND of Man?  Well, they don’t even try to do so, because B.F. Skinner, in the early 1900s, said there is no MIND Within Man, and foolishly, many of those in Psychology at the time believed his Delusional Thinking to be true.

So, today parents send children to mental health “experts” who have no idea what is causing the child’s conflict, and not knowing what to do, these “experts” send the child to a psychiatrist who writes a prescription that will make a zombie of the child.  And all the adults feel that they have accomplished something of value.  All they have done is create a child dependent upon drugs for life, and convinced that something is wrong with him or her.

The problem with the child is that the MIND of one or both parents is non-consciously sending messages to the MIND of the child, and these messages are in conflict with what the child has to do to live normally in life.  And since these messages are communicated at a non-conscious level, neither realizes that the Behavioral symptoms of the CONFLICT are entirely caused by an internal conflict Within the child’s MIND… rebelling at the false misperceptions held Within the MIND of the child.

All that is needed is a couple sessions with a COMPETENT Psychotherapist, and the child would be relieved of the misperceptions, and the child’s problem would be solved.  The parent still is sending the negative messages, but the child is able to ignore theses.

If modern mental health knew what it was doing [at all], the parent could  have a few sessions and that would eliminate the child’s conflict as well… given the parent saw a competent therapist?  What are the chances the parent can find a competent therapist?  Perhaps one in two or three hundred.  Not promising, I know.


Brother James


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