Yesterday, I received a Tweet from someone who objected to me personally, for speaking about the ‘end times’ as conveyed in the Bible.  This person used foul language directed at me, and it took a while for me to digest and reason what I observed.

Anyone who speaks for Truth, or Spirituality, or quotes the Bible, must expect some resistance from those whose MINDs cause them to believe other than what the Bible says. I have dealt with the MIND of Man for a long time.  It is my field of study, and I fully appreciate the many ways in which the MIND manifests itself on this Earth plane.

And as part of my facing this robust and perhaps even fearful reaction to my posting, I am reminded that there are people on Earth who do not realize they are operated by their MINDs, which have been subtly given over to evil, or the influence of Satan. Satan is a “spirit,” and is therefore invisible to us.  That is, we can’t set evil on the table and look at it with our physical eyes.  Or think about it with our brains (except abstractly, or as an undefined concept we “think” we understand).  And the fact is, when a person’s MIND is not actively resisted by that person’s Soul [or the Spirituality Within that person], that person’s MIND will automatically offer itself over to evil, or the influence of Satan.

Finally, the battle between good and evil is constantly being waged Within dimensions of ourselves which are invisible to us.  This is neither good, nor bad, it is just the way of this physical plane of existence.  And this is the reason the wise person will force himself to spend time each day in prayer, meditation, or reading the Bible, or other books written by people who are warriors for good, and are outspoken about evil, or Satan.

We, that is, each of us… literally owes it to ones Soul to constantly reinforce Truth, or goodness, or God… because the opposite influence is always waiting to rush into our MINDs at any moment we are not focusing on [practicing Faith that God exists]. Both Spiritual Truth and Evil are vibrational dimensions that exist, but neither are physical… until they are acted out. So, if we are to short-circuit Evil, or resist it… we must spend time intentionally focusing on Truth, or those sources that are provided by people who [during lucid moments] take the time to speak of, or write about Truth, Goodness, and God.

The battle never ends as long as ones Soul remains on this Earth plane.


Brother James


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