It is generally believed that aligning oneself with a religion is a good thing.  And it is of course, however… both Wisdom and Knowledge come from Within oneself, and is not acquired from out-side oneself as those confined to Intellectualism believe…

In other words, if, in researching, reading, or listening to someone speak, one suddenly has an Ah-ha, where one suddenly awakens to some bit of Truth from Within oneself… the fact is… it is one’s Soul that has acquired that bit of Truth.  And it was some “symbol” outside of oneself that “stimulated” the awakening of that bit of Truth from Within oneself.  My point is this:  Every bit of Truth you awaken to comes from Within yourself. (The Term Within refers to the fact that the ‘discovery of Truth process’ is a process that takes place entirely inside of oneself, on levels that ones brain cannot perceive’).

I mention this, and I trust I have emphasized it sufficiently that the reader has no doubt that Truth, Reality, and Spirituality all exist Within oneself, and ONY Within oneself.

So, what you take to a church are bits of Truth that your Soul has secretly acquired over many lifetimes… whether you believe in the Law of Karma and Reincarnation or not!  I am speaking about a natural, internal process that lies Within every person, that was designed by God, and that this is the process by which the Soul of each person grows and matures.. in concert with ones MIND that, at the end of some lifetimes must attend some Hell on the Astral region, which teaches ones MIND [which was attached to one’s Soul at the time of Creation] about good and evil.  And specifically the cost of doing evil.

And this internal, normally invisible process, is constantly operating Within every single person.  If you can accept this concept, then you are Enlightened.  If you cannot accept this concept, then your Soul is not mature enough [as yet] to accept the Truth.  But be thankful for the Law of Karma, and the apparent endless Grace of God, which loves your Soul so much God puts up with lifetimes of disrespect… while your MIND is slowly tempered, corrected, and reduced as your Soul slowly acquires a level of Consciousness sufficient for it to push back against the MIND that was attached to it when your Soul first entered the Creation.

HOWEVER… As I have more closely studied Revelation in the Bible… it has occurred to me that Creation has a series of four Ages; Golden, Silver, Copper, and Iron, and each Age lasts several thousands of years, or so it seems.  The present Age is the Iron Age, and it is the most evil, darkest of the Ages,  and it is virtually given over to the negativity of the MIND.

And during the cycling of these Ages we Souls are popping into and out of the Earth plane. And this fact is known by about half the people on Earth, and denied by the other half.  Well, in Revelation, we are told that at the time of Armageddon, there will be a judgement of all Souls [as part of the ‘end times’], and some will continue with the “process” of Creation, and will be part of the new series of Ages.  But other Souls will be judged as having given themselves over to being “sons of Satan”.  Have lived their lives in a way that denies God, in other words.  And these Souls that have followed Satan [or the evil of the MIND] will be placed in the Lake of Fire.

Now, I believe the phrase “Lake of Fire” is a euphemism for the fact these Souls will spend time in one or more Hells, and then be terminated as Souls… And what does this mean? Pretty much unknown by mankind is the fact that the primordial Energy of Creation  [IMO of course], is what I refer to as Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy.  And those Souls that [given the many thousands of years, and countless lifetimes available to them] … have not made sufficient progress in the maturation or their Souls [or exhibit a lack of Enlightenment]… Well, they are simply returned to the matrix of NSgy [or become ‘nothing’], and cease to be aware of Creation entirely. They will be given another chance.. sometime in some distant further, since the mystics tell us the Creation will go on forever.

The reader is perfectly free to entirely discount what I have written, of course.  I mention it only as a “service” so to speak.  What the reader does with this insight is up to the reader.


Brother James


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