Rush is, as he says, 98.8% correct in what he says… as judged by a national organization that evaluates his comments relative to the truth or validity of his statements.

So, when he says the Democrat or Liberal has an agenda… Rush is correct, however, to simply mention this does not explain the REASON people we refer to as Liberal [and who themselves self-choose the Democratic party] hold the views they hold; and believe what they believe.

First of all, the type of personality we refer to as Liberal, or Democrat [which means Socialist, Progressive, or Marxist], believe what they do entirely due to a Psychological ‘condition’ I refer to as “Intelack” [Intellectualism + lack of Conscience], or put another way… an immature Soul.

In other words, the thoughts, beliefs, and philosophical positions held by people we identify as Liberal, Progressive or Democrat are fed to their brains by their MINDs, which also cause them to fear Truth, Spirituality, and people who are not like themselves… which means people who are not fearful of all elements of Consciousness.

And of course there is precious little in literature, history, and certainly nothing in science to help people comprehend what I am saying. But I just wanted to share that there is a definite reason for there being two very different types of people on Earth: Enlightened people, and Intelack people.


Brother James


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