Over 40 years ago, I was first introduced to an invisible force, that the more Enlightened amongst Mankind refer to as Shabd in Hindi, or Sultan-ul-Azkaa [King of the ways] by Muslim Saints, and in the Bible it is referred to as the “Word”.  And Eastern mystics refer to this Energy as the Audible Life Stream.

In English, it is referred to as God.  But… seldom is the defining terms associated with the term God provided along with the abstract term God.  That is, Dr. Julian Johnson, in his extraordinary book, The Path of the Masters [here], says that the Audible Life Stream “cannot be defined or explained in words”.  And strangely enough, although Dr. Johnson uses the term “vibrating”… in the phrase:  “the Supreme Creator himself vibrating through space,” Dr. Johnson does not specifically explain that the vibration of God exists in a division of Reality whose existence is ONLY discernible by the Spiritual Energy of ones Soul.

And… until, and unless, a human being realizes as part of his own reality… [via his own state of Consciousness] that the whole of life consists of four vibrational dimensions, each with its own unique vibrational reality…that person cannot possibly comprehend that no one can “speak” of God… except in abstract terms.  And that [and this is the truly bizarre part], it is only ones Soul [itself invisible to Man], that can [when dissociated from its MIND entirely], experience the Energy of God, which is the Energy of the Soul as well.

So, this is by way of saying that only the Soul of Man will ever “see” [more properly experience] the Reality of God.  Now, some [living at the time of Jesus]  did observe the body of Jesus  [Within whom a God-realized Soul existed]… which is what made the man Jesus,  Christ…  but those who saw Jesus… did not “see” the Christ Consciousness, or God-level  Energy that was fully present Within the man named Jesus.  Even the disciples of Christ were slow to awaken from Within themselves, their own Spiritual Consciousness, so that they could resonate with [empathetically relate to] the Spirituality of Christ.

What stands in the way of mankind  awakening to [being able to experience from Within their own Spiritual Consciousness] the Spiritual Conscious Energy active Within themselves… is a little-known, and rarely discussed phenomenon called “Initiation”.  And “Initiation” is the only thing that can evade the blockage of the MIND that is attached to every Soul in Creation.

And Initiation can only come from someone who has him/herself been Initiated, and who has been “given” permission by God… to Initiate others.   And this crucial step in the process is not part of Christianity… to the best of my knowledge?  And let us all fully appreciate that “Initiation” has nothing to do with baptism, Catholicism, or any religious ritual or ceremony that presently exists.  Nor does “Initiation” have anything to do with IQ, education, Intellectualism, or anything of a physical nature.

“Initiation” is by God, from God, and therefore fulfills the Purposes of God.

What Man can do, and must do, is to maintain “Faith” that ones Soul exists, and that the only way back to God is via Love.  And this makes the road a bit narrow, perhaps?  Might one say, the road back to God is like a razor’s edge?  It is  Within ones own elusive Spiritual dimension that Love resides… and it is ones own Soul that must find a way to resonate with the Love of  God that sustains ones own Soul.  So, as many wise Masters have said: One must fake it, until one “learns” how to entice Love from Within oneself.

This may be the ultimate “acting” job we Souls must learn how to perform?  To make the admonition of Christ, ‘that we love our neighbors,’  a bit more palatable, realize that Within every person is a Soul, which is Perfect, and of God.


Brother James


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