Let me try and focus in on the Psychotherapist and what constitutes proper and competent Psychotherapy.

I told my students, when I was teaching: “If a therapist does not KNOW what a client needs by way of therapy… even before ever meeting the client, then the therapist has no business seeing clients”.

What did I mean?  I mean that every MIND is the same.  And every MIND operates in the exact same ways.  And if a person is sufficiently aware of his own MIND, and its operations, then he is aware of all MINDs.

All mental conflicts are variations on a theme, and this means that the dynamics of the MINDs of people in conflict are operating according to certain principles which have to be the same… merely because of the way the MIND operates relative to the brain and the Spiritual dimension to which the MIND is affiliated?

And when I say ‘MIND,’  I am speaking of a duality, not a singe entity.  We all have a Lower MIND, and a Higher MIND.  Generally speaking, the Lower MIND, which is associated with the Astral region of Creation,  has to do with the physical plane, the physical body,  and feeding Delusional Thinking [or D-Think]  to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain.  The Lower MIND is tasked with insuring that none of us get ahead of ourselves relative to what I refer to as the “Ladder of Life” [explained momentarily].

The Higher MIND is a different vibrational reality, and it is associated with the Causal Region of Creation.  And generally speaking, the Higher MIND does not kick-in until a person’s Spiritual Evolution has acquired substantial Enlightenment.  So, when we speak of the MIND, we are normally speaking of the operations of the Lower MIND.

Some years ago, I came up with the analogy of a “Ladder of Life,” [or LofL],  to enable me to better explain how ones ‘Consciousness” [or conscious awareness] is determined by which rung of this LofL ones Soul is perched upon?  In other words, ones Soul rises up this LofL by completing Karma, and when ones Soul rises up a rung, a great many higher relative truths become available to ones conscious awareness. These are experienced as Ah-ha’s by people via their faculty of Intuition, which is a part of ones Spiritual dimension.

And we speak of this slow acquisition of Consciousness by ones Soul as Enlightenment, or a rise in ‘Spiritual awareness,’ or just ‘increased Consciousness,’ etc.  And this process of elevating the Soul is “built into” the “Purpose of Life,” and although an active part of every human being, it is also mostly unknown.  It is unknown because it takes place at levels Within Man via the faculty of Intuition [research Intuition here],   where the brain cannot operate.  And since it is ONLY an Enlightened individual who can “see” [actually Intuit] the Truth of another Enlightened individual, this limits awareness of this human dynamic to ONLY Enlightened individuals.

And, with many in science being limited to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain and thinking about life, these individuals tend to use thinking rather than “trust” their  Intuition… which they cannot “prove” via physical means.  And this then suggests and indeed points to the two basic types of people on Earth.  One is the thinker [or person who depends upon the brain to relate to life], and in recent years I have labeled this type person an Intelack type individual.  and two, the Enlightened individual who [especially as very young children] make a natural use of their faculty of Intuition [or accessing bits of Truth they have stored Within a portion of their Spiritual dimensions I refer to as the Apapsyche] or Operational Energy of the Soul.

It is, by the way, the natural Intuition of Enlightened children that Common Core, and those who promote Common Core, like Jeb Bush, who seek to punish children for being Enlightened, and for possessing the faculty of Intuition.

So, if the fields of mental health, psychology, and psychiatry were not controlled by Intelack type people, they would perhaps be more open to encouraging Enlightened people to apply for training in these fields?  But the present training in these fields is pure Intellectualism, and a general disdain for Enlightened people exists.  So, these fields become more and more fearful of the  three-fourths of the whole of Man, and our mental health problems in America grow greater and greater.  In my opinion, of course.

The educational system in America is headed by Intelack type individuals, and this means the entire field has a bias toward the brain and thinking, and a disdain for Intuition and that of Knowledge via Intuition.  So, if an Enlightened young person is able to escape being brutalized in the early grades, then the Enlightened student will be hammered in college or university.  Sad that fear of Enlightenment is so rampant and prevalent in education in America.  But then, we are in the ‘end times’ are we not?


Brother James


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