I added the following paragraph to Part I, and updated Part I this morning.

Now, the vast majority of those in the fields of mental health, psychology, and psychiatry are intelligent, capable of memorizing data, and are educated to believe that “thinking” is the measure of ones competency. What they do not KNOW is that COMPETENCY in these fields has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the brain, thinking, or the MIND. And a competent therapist is one who has easy access to both Intuition and Empathetic Understanding [which I will endeavor to explain in Part II]… which you are now reading.

And to back-track slightly, it is possible to read what I am sharing with the reader and conclude that I am speaking disparagingly about those in the fields of mental health, psychology and psychiatry.  But how does one point out the short-comings of these fields, as they are presently conducted, and not disparage what is taking place?

I am not a psychiatrist, and therefore,  it could be argued that I can’t speak for this field?  The problem is… the MENTAL part of psychiatry has precious little to do with medicine.  And for those in the field of psychiatry,  it may take many years studying medicine to awaken to the fact medicine is not what one wants to practice?  And being human, such people “think” they should be compensated for all the time it took for them to realize their error…  I differ in this in that I tend to own all the time it takes me to discover my errors in life, and I do not want anyone to “pay” for how long it takes me to discover what I want to do in life?  This speaks to whether one is Enlightened or not?

And my point of view is shared by all those people who have knowingly or secretly acquired an appreciation for the Law of Karma.  On the other hand,  those people who are more or less operated by their MINDs, the ‘selfish’ part of ones personality remains fairly well constant, and this is just the way of life, so to speak.  We lose this sense of entitlement and being owed something as we gain Enlightenment, or a higher sense of “Self” or personal responsibility.  And this sense of being separate from others, and responsible for ones own actions is a part of the maturation of the Soul, which is called ‘Enlightenment’.

A person who is insecure [psychologically speaking] tends to be ‘needy’ in many ways. That is, is constantly worrying about the “equality” of life, or the ‘fairness’ of life?  This is due to the natural desires of the MIND, which are Greed, Envy, and an insatiable desire to Control everyone and everything in life.  In other words, all people who are Marxists, or drawn to Socialistic ideals are people whose Souls take a back seat to their MINDs, which tend to dominate their lives, thoughts and actions. And such people are just naturally given to Intellectualism, or thinking about life rather than emotionally involved in life.  And… while on this point, it should be noted that the person who is confined to the brain and thinking about life… has no idea that he or she is missing three-quarters of Life which are invisible to the brain and thinking.

That is, those portions of Man that are Esoteric or invisible to the brain and thinking. And this means the two parts of the MIND realm, and the Spiritual realm.   So, the competent therapist will [of necessity] possess an open and ready access to the faculty of Intuition… which means access to his/her Spiritual dimension and bits of higher Truth [well it means much more than this, but let’s leave that to Part III].

So… the competent psychotherapist is someone who naturally views life as an illusion, since the physical plane is an illusion… in that,  it is continually changing, and thus, it is not Real,  in an Absolute sense.  Truth, or Reality is that which does not change.  So, if you find that for you, truth is relative [or changes as your life changes] then what you call truth… is not really [capital “T” Truth], but is, in actuality, “relative truth”.

All conflict a person experiences is due to a conflict between Reality and illusion.  Or a conflict between Truth and relative truth.  In other words  it is not uncommon for a person to have a conflict in life, that he or she is tired of experiencing, but regardless what the person tries to do to get rid of some unwanted behavior… the behavior remains a problem.  The “reason” is that the behavior is psychologically generated [which means generated at a non-consious level], and it MUST BE dealt with at the level at which is is generated.

The MIND creates a behavioral action to mask  or hide some deeply repressed trauma that it was [at some time in ones life] ordered by oneself to not expose to oneself.  And so, when some event occurs in ones life,  ones MIND automatically engages this automatic response [the now unwanted behavior] , in reaction to the event… to divert ones attention from the “event,”  and thus help one dissociate ones memory that this present event triggers within ones MIND.  And the “event”  does not have to be some physical event… it can be a smell, a sound, or a significant other who is emotionally repressing something… and this repressed emotion then triggers a response by ones own MIND… and out comes this unwanted behavior.

This very common situation is perplexing to people… but when it is also perplexing to those in mental health, WE ALL HAVE A PROBLEM.  And this problem is an embarrassment to modern mental health, and to reduce their embarrassment at not knowing how to deal with the MIND-level problems of people… modern mental health [or what I refer to as “BS&bp” Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’] now pushes drugs to deal with people’s problems.

The drugs interfere in the synapsing of the subtle circuitry between MIND and brain, and this prevents the MIND from causing the brain to engage in the automatic behavior. And the person “thinks” this takes care of the problem.  Unknown to BS&bp, and to the people taking the drugs, NO ONE MOCKS THE MIND.  The MIND of a person simply develops another physical problem to use to “vent” the energy of the memory repressed in the the person’s MIND that has been stimulated.  So, in short order after beginning a drug regimen, the person will develop some “side effect” that now serves the same function that the unwanted behavior used to serve.

And of course this means more drugs… and people are getting sicker and sicker.

_____________ In what way is this a good thing?  Part III next.


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