I have wanted to write this blog for quite some time… and I have just not done so.  My bad…

My hope is that a great many people will be introduced to what I have to say… since it is truly quite different from what is taking place today in the fields of mental health, psychology, and psychiatry…[except in really isolated instances].


Does competent psychotherapy depend upon the ‘method’ or label being used?  Or the individual providing the therapy?



The problem is… the only people who may [or may not] KNOW this,  quite likely fail to realize how different they are from other people in the fields of mental health, psychology, or psychiatry? And the reason I say this is that COMPETENCY cannot be taught… it either exists, or it does not exist…as part of a person’s ‘psyche’ [or more properly… a person’s Spiritual Evolution, or level of Enlightenment],  or it simply does not exist.  And this is NOT something anyone can acquire by intellectual means at all.   Unfortunately, in the case of tens of thousands of people being graduated and licensed in the world today, and particularly in America today, the number of people that are COMPETENT would number 1 percent [but I am likely exaggerating this number]!

Quite honestly, the actual number of people in the fields of mental health, psychology and psychiatry [who SHOULD BE IN THESE FIELDS] is probably one out of every thousand who are  presently licensed to TREAT HUMAN BEINGS [and the reason I say this will be explained shortly].

CRUCIAL TEST QUESTION a person needs to ask someone in these fields is this:


The answer… or a person’s inability to answer this question, indicates whether or not that person is competent enough  to be in these fields at all.  But since 95% of those licensed to TREAT people have no idea what the MIND is… [research MIND here],  how can they, in good conscience, advertise themselves as “mental” [which means MIND] health providers? The fact is…  EVERY CONFLICT A PERSON SUFFERS IS DUE IN SOME WAY TO HIS OR HER MIND.


You see, or you should realize at least, the subject of Psychology was given to the world by a group of mystic Gnostic Greeks, each of whom had obtained a certain level of Spiritual Evolution Within himself.  And no, you will not read about this should you Goggle “Gnostic” or “Gnosticism” on the internet… unless you just happen to run across some Enlightened individual who is trying to add a bit of Truth to an otherwise flood of Intellectualism [or words which add up to a dog chasing its tail].

One-fourth of each human being  is composed of pure Spiritual Energy, which can only be perceived [actually experienced] by use of one’s  faculty of Intuition, which is naturally acquired as the Soul of a person becomes “Enlightened”… an this only occurs over many, many lifetimes. So, before an individual is capable of withdrawing his Attention from his brain, and placing it Within his Spiritual dimension, that person must be Enlightened?  And no part of Enlightenment depends upon the brain, IQ, thinking, ones MIND, education, intelligence, etc.

Now, the vast majority of those in the fields of mental health, psychology, and psychiatry are intelligent, capable of memorizing data, and are educated to believe that “thinking” is the measure of ones competency.  What they do not KNOW is that COMPETENCY in these fields has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the brain, thinking, or the MIND.  And a competent therapist is one who has easy access to both Intuition and Empathetic Understanding [which I will endeavor to explain in Part II].

This ability is ENTIRELY dependent upon how Enlightened an individual’s Soul is?  And forget trying to discuss Enlightenment with someone who is not Enlightened?  But then, what is this Enlightenment I am talking about, right?

___________________ Entirely missing from the field of education in the West, and most definitely in America… is any worthwhile or realistic discussion about the Esoteric dimensions of Man.  The reason for this is that American education is virtually controlled by people who have no Enlightenment to speak of [and a rather large amount of non-conscious fear regarding the Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man]. Let us emphasize the idea of non-conscious], which means incapable of experiencing, or becoming aware of. Well, these people have a rudimentary amount of Consciousness sufficient to support the operation of their MINDs… as their MINDs control what such people think [via a process I refer to as the “DM=SI”] or Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity.  And this subtle, invisible operation of the human MIND, is how the MIND controls what many people think, believe, reason, know, and fear.  And, of course, such people have no idea that much of their lives, and beliefs, are orchestrated by the invisible operation of their MINDs?

And, it is the purpose of the DM=SI of the MIND to make sure that none of us get ahead of ourselves regarding our own level of Consciousness… because no one can “see” or “hear” that which he or she is not “ready” to hear or see.

And I am, if you have not noticed…, dancing around the simple FACT OF LIFE that the whole of Man is composed of four simultaneously existing, and yet entirely separate vibrational energy realms, or dimensions, each with its own plane of reality.  And those people who are confined to “Intellectualism,” are largely confined to the physical plane, the brain, and thinking about life. And these people can be exceptionally gifted in terms of intellect, or IQ, or ability to memorize facts and figures that apply to the physical plane.  These people are also quite capable of “thinking” about “Abstract words, terms, symbols and concepts,” none of which are capable of conveying that which they ‘stand for,’ or point to?  What this class of people CANNOT do is experience the other vibrational dimensions which comprise the WHOLE of Man.

The only people who can actually experience, or awaken to the Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man hidden Within the Spiritual dimension of Man… are Enlightened individuals.

___________________ Singularly CRUCIAL POINT, rarely discussed.

And… it is impossible for any Enlightened individual to “help” such people “see” what their MINDs block them from seeing or hearing.  In the Bible, Christ spoke of this with his disciples, and only some of his disciples comprehended what Christ was attempting to convey to them. Even the disciples of Christ did not easily transfer from their habitual habit of thinking… to a new concept of using Intuition [or Enlightenment]  to KNOW bits of Truth lying behind the parables Christ was using to speak to the multitude [to most people].

You see… the Truth cannot manifest on this physical plane. Impossible to do.  If you use your Intuition to experience a bit of Truth, you are [perhaps unknown to yourself even] using your own Intuition to TRAVEL to the Spiritual dimension Within yourself… and at that level of Enlightenment, your Intuition will pick up a vibrational message of Truth for which you are ready to awaken to.  The cognitive, or conscious awareness of this experience will be some Ah-ha you will have, as you suddenly see life in a slightly different way, and you will KNOW that you have just awakened to a new TRUTH.  And no one will be able to dissuade you of this TRUTH.

This is the level of Truth that allows one to die rather than submit to evil.  This is the true meaning of FAITH.

And, believe it or not, your MIND will never KNOW this level of Truth.  So, it does not matter how much Intellectualism one possesses, if a person does not possess Enlightenment [which is ENTIRELY an inside acquisition of one’s Soul], a person is not capable of KNOWING the Truth.  Period.  I will continue this little story in my next blog, likely this afternoon.


Brother James


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