And, let us begin by explaining what the “End Time” or end times is?

If you are an avid student of the Bible, then you likely are aware of the end time,  the explaining of which is the principle purpose of the book called Revelation.  The end time, or times… since the period describes a prolonged period of time… ranging from 2012 to 2024, or about 12 years in total.

In 2012, much of the world became aware of the fact the Mayan Calendar ended in 2012.  The specific date was 12, 21, 2012.  The Mayans simply ceased use of their calendar in 2012.  And one Mayan elder predicted that a great many negative things were going to happen.  And when asked about what was going to occur?  He said this:  And I paraphrase slightly… “If one is aligned with the the right energy, one would be fine.” What the elder did not explain [perhaps did not think was important to mention, or was not aware of]… is that 2012 was the beginning of a change in the magnetic lines of energy related to the Earth, and this also related to an alignment of many planets with the center of the Milky Way.  And these major events, signaled [for the Mayans, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus and other mystics and prophets] a BEGINNING of the End Times… Which means a slowly worsening world situation BEGINNING in 2012.  And this is what the Bible points to… that is,  a period of disasters and geophysical events, which will culminate in a 3.5 year reign of the “Antichrist” and the “False Prophet,” which ends with the War of Armageddon, and the return of Jesus Christ, who will defeat the army of the Antichrist, and will rule over those people of Earth whose names are in the “book of life” for a thousand years.

What I have realized since 12/21/2012, is that this “ending” of the Earth… is taking place so slowly that hardly anyone can sustain the excitement or fear, panic and terror… in their lives for twelve years. And so, denial and rationalization takes over, and the prophecies take a back seat to the demands of life [and the demands of ones MIND] as the MIND keeps most people focused on the daily needs of living.

In other words, the increase in earthquakes is slowly increasing;  the disasters caused by weather are slowly increasing; plane disasters are slowly increasing; violence, hatred, and racial tensions are slowly increasing.  These are taking place slow enough that the MINDs  of people on Earth can maintain the delusional belief that these are just “natural” events, and trying to maintain ones family is more important that worrying about that which one cannot control.

The same is occurring with each individual as many people are becoming “used to” evil people and events increasing in their neighborhoods, cities, states and in government.  A general increase in complaining is not met with Marshal Law, as long as the complains remain verbal, and are not acted out.

And precious few individuals are aware of how the Bible predicts the rise of a one-world government, that will be taken over by what the Bible calls the Antichrist.  And this Antichrist will be aided by the last Pope, who the Bible called the “False Prophet”.

All of this is taking place, if a person will [or can bring himself to do so] put the events being presented in the media together… as part of what Revelation spells out for all to see… who have “eyes to see””

My “practical” guide amounts to this:   Whether you believe in the Bible or not, or are religious or not, you can [if you believe in God] do what is necessary to have your Soul go to Heaven rather than the Lake of Fire when the end finally occurs… which I suspect will be 7 years from the time the Israelis and Palestinians sign a temporary peace agreement [due anytime now].  Of course If I am wrong regarding the peace agreement, so be it.  The rest of the prophecy of Revelation is taking place one prophecy at a time.

My principle point is this:  What will determine whether ones Soul goes to the Lake of Fire, or to Heaven, is whether one loves God more than life [on this physical plane, which is, in reality, an illusion].  In other words, consider the question of what is Real in an absolute sense?  God is Real, and ones Soul is Real, and everything else is part of a Creation that has been for we Souls to experience… not for us to imagine is more  important than God.

Yes, God is invisible, mystical, and unseen… and yet, is this not also true of your Soul?  Your Soul is of God, and nothing on this physical plane is Real, in an absolute sense.  You will determine your own fate, quite literally, in whether  you fear death [which cannot occur to your Soul, unless determined by God] more than you fear denying God, which is YOUR ONLY SALVATION.

In other words, it is perfectly OK to die, if you die holding the thought of God in your heart. It is your love of God that will save you.  It is your fear of death in the illusion that will send your Soul to the Lake of Fire. Each individual must choose God, or the illusion. This choice determines whether you go to Heaven, or go to the Lake of Fire… along with all those who either engage in evil, or  deny God.

A practical guide is to love God more than your own life [which is an illusion that seems real].


Brother James


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