An Enlightened Drug Enforcement Policy…

There are three crucial points to an Enlightened Drug Enforcement Policy that are of critical importance, however… these do not ‘fit’ the delusional belief systems of a certain type of person.  And the fact that such people are overly represented in government, and in the social services,  is not generally recognized. See the Intelack type personality.

Three facts about drug usage:

  1. Drug usage is normally addictive, and people who use drugs do so because the drugs satisfy a psychological [normally non-conscious] need such people have to reduce anxiety, replacing it with a sense of euphoria, or senselessness.
  2. Unless the psychological non-conscious causal factors that create the anxiety are identified and eliminated for a person, that person remains vulnerable to recidivism, regardless of the current treatment programs currently in use.
  3. Selling or promoting drugs is not a victimless crime.  It should be seen as a form of psychological kidnapping a person, and the penalty for anyone caught selling any amount of drug  should be death by hanging. To demonstrate how serious this crime is, and that it will not be tolerated.

It is expected that a serious attempt to deal with drug usage will be opposed by, and even sabotaged by, Intelack type individuals [or people who are perhaps  quite intelligent, but lack a level of Consciousness and Spiritual Evolution, which prevents them from imposing responsible behavior on anyone.  This type of person can be identified, and needs to be removed from all aspects of drug enforcement.

To accommodate those people who are weak, or afraid to present themselves for the proper psychotherapy that would properly deal with their anxiety, and still insist on using drugs, a sane and safe  drug usage program should be established.

I propose that as soon as the free anxiety treatment program is in place , that anyone caught using drugs will be sent to a free drug use facility.

At the facility, all drugs will be free, and the people may use any drugs they choose, as much as they like. But no one in the facility may leave the facility, unless they sign up for and actively participate in, and complete, a program of personal psychotherapy… which will be a separate program that is entirely drug free.

Although always a difficult thing to accept, there will be people whose Souls are simply not ready to assume the role of a normal human being, who is capable of living a life free of drugs. My program allows such people to use all the drugs they want to use.  But they do not have the right to inflict pain and suffering on others.

Of course this program would require some ‘tough love’ by citizens.  And anyone caught selling drugs, or dealing drugs who is caught and convicted, faces a mandatory death penalty, to be carried out within 12 hours of conviction.

Once released from the program of psychotherapy, the person may be released back into society, and be supported for a period of time with access to a half-way program.

If the person relapses, and begins to use drugs again, then that person is placed in the free drug usage program as a permanent resident, where they will remain until death:  Which should not likely be long in coming.

REQUIRED for tis program:

  1. What would be required for this program would be an old prison facility that could be remodeled into a drug usage facility which is very secure.
  2. A crash training program for people with psychic ability who would like to be trained in Esochology, or trained in helping others identify [from within their MINDs] repressed trauma that, when stimulated, causes them great anxiety.
  3. The most difficult task will be to silence the Intelack people whose own fears will be stimulated when people are forced to assume personal responsibility.  Overcoming the outcry of the less than conscious Intelack people will be the most challenging aspect of this Enlightened Drug Enforcement Policy.

It should be clear that a program such as I propose would eliminate a substantial body of evil in any city, county, or state that implemented it.  But, surely an environment where good people can live decent lives free of the scum that drugs support is worth the effort.

For the good people of the nation.  If people are Enlightened enough to realize that life on Earth is what the most Enlightened make of it, not what the least conscious among us force us to put up with.  The Earth might be quite a nice place to live.

Brother James


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