Hints About Life for non-religious people…

It is generally believed that aligning oneself with a religion is a good thing.  And it is of course, however… both Wisdom and Knowledge come from Within oneself, and is not acquired from out-side oneself as those confined to Intellectualism believe…

In other words, if, in researching, reading, or listening to someone speak, one suddenly has an Ah-ha, where one suddenly awakens to some bit of Truth from Within oneself… the fact is… it is one’s Soul that has acquired that bit of Truth.  And it was some “symbol” outside of oneself that “stimulated” the awakening of that bit of Truth from Within oneself.  My point is this:  Every bit of Truth you awaken to comes from Within yourself. (The Term Within refers to the fact that the ‘discovery of Truth process’ is a process that takes place entirely inside of oneself, on levels that ones brain cannot perceive’).

I mention this, and I trust I have emphasized it sufficiently that the reader has no doubt that Truth, Reality, and Spirituality all exist Within oneself, and ONY Within oneself.

So, what you take to a church are bits of Truth that your Soul has secretly acquired over many lifetimes… whether you believe in the Law of Karma and Reincarnation or not!  I am speaking about a natural, internal process that lies Within every person, that was designed by God, and that this is the process by which the Soul of each person grows and matures.. in concert with ones MIND that, at the end of some lifetimes must attend some Hell on the Astral region, which teaches ones MIND [which was attached to one’s Soul at the time of Creation] about good and evil.  And specifically the cost of doing evil.

And this internal, normally invisible process, is constantly operating Within every single person.  If you can accept this concept, then you are Enlightened.  If you cannot accept this concept, then your Soul is not mature enough [as yet] to accept the Truth.  But be thankful for the Law of Karma, and the apparent endless Grace of God, which loves your Soul so much God puts up with lifetimes of disrespect… while your MIND is slowly tempered, corrected, and reduced as your Soul slowly acquires a level of Consciousness sufficient for it to push back against the MIND that was attached to it when your Soul first entered the Creation.

HOWEVER… As I have more closely studied Revelation in the Bible… it has occurred to me that Creation has a series of four Ages; Golden, Silver, Copper, and Iron, and each Age lasts several thousands of years, or so it seems.  The present Age is the Iron Age, and it is the most evil, darkest of the Ages,  and it is virtually given over to the negativity of the MIND.

And during the cycling of these Ages we Souls are popping into and out of the Earth plane. And this fact is known by about half the people on Earth, and denied by the other half.  Well, in Revelation, we are told that at the time of Armageddon, there will be a judgement of all Souls [as part of the ‘end times’], and some will continue with the “process” of Creation, and will be part of the new series of Ages.  But other Souls will be judged as having given themselves over to being “sons of Satan”.  Have lived their lives in a way that denies God, in other words.  And these Souls that have followed Satan [or the evil of the MIND] will be placed in the Lake of Fire.

Now, I believe the phrase “Lake of Fire” is a euphemism for the fact these Souls will spend time in one or more Hells, and then be terminated as Souls… And what does this mean? Pretty much unknown by mankind is the fact that the primordial Energy of Creation  [IMO of course], is what I refer to as Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy.  And those Souls that [given the many thousands of years, and countless lifetimes available to them] … have not made sufficient progress in the maturation or their Souls [or exhibit a lack of Enlightenment]… Well, they are simply returned to the matrix of NSgy [or become ‘nothing’], and cease to be aware of Creation entirely. They will be given another chance.. sometime in some distant further, since the mystics tell us the Creation will go on forever.

The reader is perfectly free to entirely discount what I have written, of course.  I mention it only as a “service” so to speak.  What the reader does with this insight is up to the reader.


Brother James


Another take on Rush’s “Liberal Agenda”…

Rush is, as he says, 98.8% correct in what he says… as judged by a national organization that evaluates his comments relative to the truth or validity of his statements.

So, when he says the Democrat or Liberal has an agenda… Rush is correct, however, to simply mention this does not explain the REASON people we refer to as Liberal [and who themselves self-choose the Democratic party] hold the views they hold; and believe what they believe.

First of all, the type of personality we refer to as Liberal, or Democrat [which means Socialist, Progressive, or Marxist], believe what they do entirely due to a Psychological ‘condition’ I refer to as “Intelack” [Intellectualism + lack of Conscience], or put another way… an immature Soul.

In other words, the thoughts, beliefs, and philosophical positions held by people we identify as Liberal, Progressive or Democrat are fed to their brains by their MINDs, which also cause them to fear Truth, Spirituality, and people who are not like themselves… which means people who are not fearful of all elements of Consciousness.

And of course there is precious little in literature, history, and certainly nothing in science to help people comprehend what I am saying. But I just wanted to share that there is a definite reason for there being two very different types of people on Earth: Enlightened people, and Intelack people.


Brother James


Over 40 years ago, I was first introduced to an invisible force, that the more Enlightened amongst Mankind refer to as Shabd in Hindi, or Sultan-ul-Azkaa [King of the ways] by Muslim Saints, and in the Bible it is referred to as the “Word”.  And Eastern mystics refer to this Energy as the Audible Life Stream.

In English, it is referred to as God.  But… seldom is the defining terms associated with the term God provided along with the abstract term God.  That is, Dr. Julian Johnson, in his extraordinary book, The Path of the Masters [here], says that the Audible Life Stream “cannot be defined or explained in words”.  And strangely enough, although Dr. Johnson uses the term “vibrating”… in the phrase:  “the Supreme Creator himself vibrating through space,” Dr. Johnson does not specifically explain that the vibration of God exists in a division of Reality whose existence is ONLY discernible by the Spiritual Energy of ones Soul.

And… until, and unless, a human being realizes as part of his own reality… [via his own state of Consciousness] that the whole of life consists of four vibrational dimensions, each with its own unique vibrational reality…that person cannot possibly comprehend that no one can “speak” of God… except in abstract terms.  And that [and this is the truly bizarre part], it is only ones Soul [itself invisible to Man], that can [when dissociated from its MIND entirely], experience the Energy of God, which is the Energy of the Soul as well.

So, this is by way of saying that only the Soul of Man will ever “see” [more properly experience] the Reality of God.  Now, some [living at the time of Jesus]  did observe the body of Jesus  [Within whom a God-realized Soul existed]… which is what made the man Jesus,  Christ…  but those who saw Jesus… did not “see” the Christ Consciousness, or God-level  Energy that was fully present Within the man named Jesus.  Even the disciples of Christ were slow to awaken from Within themselves, their own Spiritual Consciousness, so that they could resonate with [empathetically relate to] the Spirituality of Christ.

What stands in the way of mankind  awakening to [being able to experience from Within their own Spiritual Consciousness] the Spiritual Conscious Energy active Within themselves… is a little-known, and rarely discussed phenomenon called “Initiation”.  And “Initiation” is the only thing that can evade the blockage of the MIND that is attached to every Soul in Creation.

And Initiation can only come from someone who has him/herself been Initiated, and who has been “given” permission by God… to Initiate others.   And this crucial step in the process is not part of Christianity… to the best of my knowledge?  And let us all fully appreciate that “Initiation” has nothing to do with baptism, Catholicism, or any religious ritual or ceremony that presently exists.  Nor does “Initiation” have anything to do with IQ, education, Intellectualism, or anything of a physical nature.

“Initiation” is by God, from God, and therefore fulfills the Purposes of God.

What Man can do, and must do, is to maintain “Faith” that ones Soul exists, and that the only way back to God is via Love.  And this makes the road a bit narrow, perhaps?  Might one say, the road back to God is like a razor’s edge?  It is  Within ones own elusive Spiritual dimension that Love resides… and it is ones own Soul that must find a way to resonate with the Love of  God that sustains ones own Soul.  So, as many wise Masters have said: One must fake it, until one “learns” how to entice Love from Within oneself.

This may be the ultimate “acting” job we Souls must learn how to perform?  To make the admonition of Christ, ‘that we love our neighbors,’  a bit more palatable, realize that Within every person is a Soul, which is Perfect, and of God.


Brother James

Proper/Competent Psychotherapy… Part III

Let me try and focus in on the Psychotherapist and what constitutes proper and competent Psychotherapy.

I told my students, when I was teaching: “If a therapist does not KNOW what a client needs by way of therapy… even before ever meeting the client, then the therapist has no business seeing clients”.

What did I mean?  I mean that every MIND is the same.  And every MIND operates in the exact same ways.  And if a person is sufficiently aware of his own MIND, and its operations, then he is aware of all MINDs.

All mental conflicts are variations on a theme, and this means that the dynamics of the MINDs of people in conflict are operating according to certain principles which have to be the same… merely because of the way the MIND operates relative to the brain and the Spiritual dimension to which the MIND is affiliated?

And when I say ‘MIND,’  I am speaking of a duality, not a singe entity.  We all have a Lower MIND, and a Higher MIND.  Generally speaking, the Lower MIND, which is associated with the Astral region of Creation,  has to do with the physical plane, the physical body,  and feeding Delusional Thinking [or D-Think]  to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain.  The Lower MIND is tasked with insuring that none of us get ahead of ourselves relative to what I refer to as the “Ladder of Life” [explained momentarily].

The Higher MIND is a different vibrational reality, and it is associated with the Causal Region of Creation.  And generally speaking, the Higher MIND does not kick-in until a person’s Spiritual Evolution has acquired substantial Enlightenment.  So, when we speak of the MIND, we are normally speaking of the operations of the Lower MIND.

Some years ago, I came up with the analogy of a “Ladder of Life,” [or LofL],  to enable me to better explain how ones ‘Consciousness” [or conscious awareness] is determined by which rung of this LofL ones Soul is perched upon?  In other words, ones Soul rises up this LofL by completing Karma, and when ones Soul rises up a rung, a great many higher relative truths become available to ones conscious awareness. These are experienced as Ah-ha’s by people via their faculty of Intuition, which is a part of ones Spiritual dimension.

And we speak of this slow acquisition of Consciousness by ones Soul as Enlightenment, or a rise in ‘Spiritual awareness,’ or just ‘increased Consciousness,’ etc.  And this process of elevating the Soul is “built into” the “Purpose of Life,” and although an active part of every human being, it is also mostly unknown.  It is unknown because it takes place at levels Within Man via the faculty of Intuition [research Intuition here],   where the brain cannot operate.  And since it is ONLY an Enlightened individual who can “see” [actually Intuit] the Truth of another Enlightened individual, this limits awareness of this human dynamic to ONLY Enlightened individuals.

And, with many in science being limited to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain and thinking about life, these individuals tend to use thinking rather than “trust” their  Intuition… which they cannot “prove” via physical means.  And this then suggests and indeed points to the two basic types of people on Earth.  One is the thinker [or person who depends upon the brain to relate to life], and in recent years I have labeled this type person an Intelack type individual.  and two, the Enlightened individual who [especially as very young children] make a natural use of their faculty of Intuition [or accessing bits of Truth they have stored Within a portion of their Spiritual dimensions I refer to as the Apapsyche] or Operational Energy of the Soul.

It is, by the way, the natural Intuition of Enlightened children that Common Core, and those who promote Common Core, like Jeb Bush, who seek to punish children for being Enlightened, and for possessing the faculty of Intuition.

So, if the fields of mental health, psychology, and psychiatry were not controlled by Intelack type people, they would perhaps be more open to encouraging Enlightened people to apply for training in these fields?  But the present training in these fields is pure Intellectualism, and a general disdain for Enlightened people exists.  So, these fields become more and more fearful of the  three-fourths of the whole of Man, and our mental health problems in America grow greater and greater.  In my opinion, of course.

The educational system in America is headed by Intelack type individuals, and this means the entire field has a bias toward the brain and thinking, and a disdain for Intuition and that of Knowledge via Intuition.  So, if an Enlightened young person is able to escape being brutalized in the early grades, then the Enlightened student will be hammered in college or university.  Sad that fear of Enlightenment is so rampant and prevalent in education in America.  But then, we are in the ‘end times’ are we not?


Brother James

Proper and Competent Psychotherapy… Part II

I added the following paragraph to Part I, and updated Part I this morning.

Now, the vast majority of those in the fields of mental health, psychology, and psychiatry are intelligent, capable of memorizing data, and are educated to believe that “thinking” is the measure of ones competency. What they do not KNOW is that COMPETENCY in these fields has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the brain, thinking, or the MIND. And a competent therapist is one who has easy access to both Intuition and Empathetic Understanding [which I will endeavor to explain in Part II]… which you are now reading.

And to back-track slightly, it is possible to read what I am sharing with the reader and conclude that I am speaking disparagingly about those in the fields of mental health, psychology and psychiatry.  But how does one point out the short-comings of these fields, as they are presently conducted, and not disparage what is taking place?

I am not a psychiatrist, and therefore,  it could be argued that I can’t speak for this field?  The problem is… the MENTAL part of psychiatry has precious little to do with medicine.  And for those in the field of psychiatry,  it may take many years studying medicine to awaken to the fact medicine is not what one wants to practice?  And being human, such people “think” they should be compensated for all the time it took for them to realize their error…  I differ in this in that I tend to own all the time it takes me to discover my errors in life, and I do not want anyone to “pay” for how long it takes me to discover what I want to do in life?  This speaks to whether one is Enlightened or not?

And my point of view is shared by all those people who have knowingly or secretly acquired an appreciation for the Law of Karma.  On the other hand,  those people who are more or less operated by their MINDs, the ‘selfish’ part of ones personality remains fairly well constant, and this is just the way of life, so to speak.  We lose this sense of entitlement and being owed something as we gain Enlightenment, or a higher sense of “Self” or personal responsibility.  And this sense of being separate from others, and responsible for ones own actions is a part of the maturation of the Soul, which is called ‘Enlightenment’.

A person who is insecure [psychologically speaking] tends to be ‘needy’ in many ways. That is, is constantly worrying about the “equality” of life, or the ‘fairness’ of life?  This is due to the natural desires of the MIND, which are Greed, Envy, and an insatiable desire to Control everyone and everything in life.  In other words, all people who are Marxists, or drawn to Socialistic ideals are people whose Souls take a back seat to their MINDs, which tend to dominate their lives, thoughts and actions. And such people are just naturally given to Intellectualism, or thinking about life rather than emotionally involved in life.  And… while on this point, it should be noted that the person who is confined to the brain and thinking about life… has no idea that he or she is missing three-quarters of Life which are invisible to the brain and thinking.

That is, those portions of Man that are Esoteric or invisible to the brain and thinking. And this means the two parts of the MIND realm, and the Spiritual realm.   So, the competent therapist will [of necessity] possess an open and ready access to the faculty of Intuition… which means access to his/her Spiritual dimension and bits of higher Truth [well it means much more than this, but let’s leave that to Part III].

So… the competent psychotherapist is someone who naturally views life as an illusion, since the physical plane is an illusion… in that,  it is continually changing, and thus, it is not Real,  in an Absolute sense.  Truth, or Reality is that which does not change.  So, if you find that for you, truth is relative [or changes as your life changes] then what you call truth… is not really [capital “T” Truth], but is, in actuality, “relative truth”.

All conflict a person experiences is due to a conflict between Reality and illusion.  Or a conflict between Truth and relative truth.  In other words  it is not uncommon for a person to have a conflict in life, that he or she is tired of experiencing, but regardless what the person tries to do to get rid of some unwanted behavior… the behavior remains a problem.  The “reason” is that the behavior is psychologically generated [which means generated at a non-consious level], and it MUST BE dealt with at the level at which is is generated.

The MIND creates a behavioral action to mask  or hide some deeply repressed trauma that it was [at some time in ones life] ordered by oneself to not expose to oneself.  And so, when some event occurs in ones life,  ones MIND automatically engages this automatic response [the now unwanted behavior] , in reaction to the event… to divert ones attention from the “event,”  and thus help one dissociate ones memory that this present event triggers within ones MIND.  And the “event”  does not have to be some physical event… it can be a smell, a sound, or a significant other who is emotionally repressing something… and this repressed emotion then triggers a response by ones own MIND… and out comes this unwanted behavior.

This very common situation is perplexing to people… but when it is also perplexing to those in mental health, WE ALL HAVE A PROBLEM.  And this problem is an embarrassment to modern mental health, and to reduce their embarrassment at not knowing how to deal with the MIND-level problems of people… modern mental health [or what I refer to as “BS&bp” Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’] now pushes drugs to deal with people’s problems.

The drugs interfere in the synapsing of the subtle circuitry between MIND and brain, and this prevents the MIND from causing the brain to engage in the automatic behavior. And the person “thinks” this takes care of the problem.  Unknown to BS&bp, and to the people taking the drugs, NO ONE MOCKS THE MIND.  The MIND of a person simply develops another physical problem to use to “vent” the energy of the memory repressed in the the person’s MIND that has been stimulated.  So, in short order after beginning a drug regimen, the person will develop some “side effect” that now serves the same function that the unwanted behavior used to serve.

And of course this means more drugs… and people are getting sicker and sicker.

_____________ In what way is this a good thing?  Part III next.


I have wanted to write this blog for quite some time… and I have just not done so.  My bad…

My hope is that a great many people will be introduced to what I have to say… since it is truly quite different from what is taking place today in the fields of mental health, psychology, and psychiatry…[except in really isolated instances].


Does competent psychotherapy depend upon the ‘method’ or label being used?  Or the individual providing the therapy?



The problem is… the only people who may [or may not] KNOW this,  quite likely fail to realize how different they are from other people in the fields of mental health, psychology, or psychiatry? And the reason I say this is that COMPETENCY cannot be taught… it either exists, or it does not exist…as part of a person’s ‘psyche’ [or more properly… a person’s Spiritual Evolution, or level of Enlightenment],  or it simply does not exist.  And this is NOT something anyone can acquire by intellectual means at all.   Unfortunately, in the case of tens of thousands of people being graduated and licensed in the world today, and particularly in America today, the number of people that are COMPETENT would number 1 percent [but I am likely exaggerating this number]!

Quite honestly, the actual number of people in the fields of mental health, psychology and psychiatry [who SHOULD BE IN THESE FIELDS] is probably one out of every thousand who are  presently licensed to TREAT HUMAN BEINGS [and the reason I say this will be explained shortly].

CRUCIAL TEST QUESTION a person needs to ask someone in these fields is this:


The answer… or a person’s inability to answer this question, indicates whether or not that person is competent enough  to be in these fields at all.  But since 95% of those licensed to TREAT people have no idea what the MIND is… [research MIND here],  how can they, in good conscience, advertise themselves as “mental” [which means MIND] health providers? The fact is…  EVERY CONFLICT A PERSON SUFFERS IS DUE IN SOME WAY TO HIS OR HER MIND.


You see, or you should realize at least, the subject of Psychology was given to the world by a group of mystic Gnostic Greeks, each of whom had obtained a certain level of Spiritual Evolution Within himself.  And no, you will not read about this should you Goggle “Gnostic” or “Gnosticism” on the internet… unless you just happen to run across some Enlightened individual who is trying to add a bit of Truth to an otherwise flood of Intellectualism [or words which add up to a dog chasing its tail].

One-fourth of each human being  is composed of pure Spiritual Energy, which can only be perceived [actually experienced] by use of one’s  faculty of Intuition, which is naturally acquired as the Soul of a person becomes “Enlightened”… an this only occurs over many, many lifetimes. So, before an individual is capable of withdrawing his Attention from his brain, and placing it Within his Spiritual dimension, that person must be Enlightened?  And no part of Enlightenment depends upon the brain, IQ, thinking, ones MIND, education, intelligence, etc.

Now, the vast majority of those in the fields of mental health, psychology, and psychiatry are intelligent, capable of memorizing data, and are educated to believe that “thinking” is the measure of ones competency.  What they do not KNOW is that COMPETENCY in these fields has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the brain, thinking, or the MIND.  And a competent therapist is one who has easy access to both Intuition and Empathetic Understanding [which I will endeavor to explain in Part II].

This ability is ENTIRELY dependent upon how Enlightened an individual’s Soul is?  And forget trying to discuss Enlightenment with someone who is not Enlightened?  But then, what is this Enlightenment I am talking about, right?

___________________ Entirely missing from the field of education in the West, and most definitely in America… is any worthwhile or realistic discussion about the Esoteric dimensions of Man.  The reason for this is that American education is virtually controlled by people who have no Enlightenment to speak of [and a rather large amount of non-conscious fear regarding the Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man]. Let us emphasize the idea of non-conscious], which means incapable of experiencing, or becoming aware of. Well, these people have a rudimentary amount of Consciousness sufficient to support the operation of their MINDs… as their MINDs control what such people think [via a process I refer to as the “DM=SI”] or Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity.  And this subtle, invisible operation of the human MIND, is how the MIND controls what many people think, believe, reason, know, and fear.  And, of course, such people have no idea that much of their lives, and beliefs, are orchestrated by the invisible operation of their MINDs?

And, it is the purpose of the DM=SI of the MIND to make sure that none of us get ahead of ourselves regarding our own level of Consciousness… because no one can “see” or “hear” that which he or she is not “ready” to hear or see.

And I am, if you have not noticed…, dancing around the simple FACT OF LIFE that the whole of Man is composed of four simultaneously existing, and yet entirely separate vibrational energy realms, or dimensions, each with its own plane of reality.  And those people who are confined to “Intellectualism,” are largely confined to the physical plane, the brain, and thinking about life. And these people can be exceptionally gifted in terms of intellect, or IQ, or ability to memorize facts and figures that apply to the physical plane.  These people are also quite capable of “thinking” about “Abstract words, terms, symbols and concepts,” none of which are capable of conveying that which they ‘stand for,’ or point to?  What this class of people CANNOT do is experience the other vibrational dimensions which comprise the WHOLE of Man.

The only people who can actually experience, or awaken to the Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man hidden Within the Spiritual dimension of Man… are Enlightened individuals.

___________________ Singularly CRUCIAL POINT, rarely discussed.

And… it is impossible for any Enlightened individual to “help” such people “see” what their MINDs block them from seeing or hearing.  In the Bible, Christ spoke of this with his disciples, and only some of his disciples comprehended what Christ was attempting to convey to them. Even the disciples of Christ did not easily transfer from their habitual habit of thinking… to a new concept of using Intuition [or Enlightenment]  to KNOW bits of Truth lying behind the parables Christ was using to speak to the multitude [to most people].

You see… the Truth cannot manifest on this physical plane. Impossible to do.  If you use your Intuition to experience a bit of Truth, you are [perhaps unknown to yourself even] using your own Intuition to TRAVEL to the Spiritual dimension Within yourself… and at that level of Enlightenment, your Intuition will pick up a vibrational message of Truth for which you are ready to awaken to.  The cognitive, or conscious awareness of this experience will be some Ah-ha you will have, as you suddenly see life in a slightly different way, and you will KNOW that you have just awakened to a new TRUTH.  And no one will be able to dissuade you of this TRUTH.

This is the level of Truth that allows one to die rather than submit to evil.  This is the true meaning of FAITH.

And, believe it or not, your MIND will never KNOW this level of Truth.  So, it does not matter how much Intellectualism one possesses, if a person does not possess Enlightenment [which is ENTIRELY an inside acquisition of one’s Soul], a person is not capable of KNOWING the Truth.  Period.  I will continue this little story in my next blog, likely this afternoon.


Brother James

What RINOs and Libs [Marxists] Really fear about Trump & Cruz…

If we reach back to FDR, at least in “modern” times, we have had a steadily increasing  elite class of people who [quite unknown to themselves], possess a peculiar combination of a lack of Conscience [like the typical Marxist], and a deep-seated  Utopian dream of a fully CONTROLLED Earth, under one ruler where [and here is where the delusional thinking comes into play]  each of these delusional people firmly believe [that is, their MINDs cause them to believe] that each is so special that he or she will [of course] wind up being part of the “nomenKlatura,” or ruling class of some (Soviet) system by another name:  “One World Order”. This is what Jeb Bush, GW Bush, and their father , and many RINOs, and many Marxists, Socialists, and Democrats all long to see take place.   There are thousands of people around the world who are secretly doing everything they can to further the One Would Order idea… exemplified by the U.N., and revealed in the Bible as the One World Government, headed by the Antichrist and the False Prophet.

I will say that it is the ‘evil’ and self-centered ignorance of the MIND of such people [do to a lack of godliness [or lack of Spiritual Evolution]  within the Souls of these people that makes them vulnerable to such Delusional Thinking fed to the Left-Hemispehre of their brains by their MINDs [which I believe are subtly urged to believe this way by a MIND subtly open to Satan].

Now, because modern mental health ceased teaching or dealing with the Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man [the MIND and Spiritual dimensions] in the early 1900s [following the encouragement  of B.F. Skinner]… who, like many Intelack type people, used threatening and belittling epitaphs to intimidate anyone who disagreed with him [about psychology].  He would call people neolithic, old-fashioned, or delving into the occult, or dealing in witchcraft, if they dared defend the 2,000 year-old history of the Psychology the ancient Greeks.

Skinner was an Intelack, and that means he was quite ignorant of the MIND of Man, and he denied God, and he was trained in intellectually speculating as to what it might be in the environment of animals might be causing them to do what they do? This quote tells us all we need to know about Skinner:

“A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things hat happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.” Evans, Richard I. B.F. Skinner: The Man and His Ideas. NY, E.P. Dutton & Co. 1968.

What this quote from Skinner shows us is how frightened he was of his own MIND, and how fearful he was of having anything to do with the Esoteric dimensions of Man.  And, of course there is no way to “prove” the existence of the Esoteric dimensions of Man to anyone whose MIND works to defend that person from being exposed to those dimensions of Man that the brain cannot [and never will be able to] perceive.

Perhaps it will help to explain that all Truth is Esoteric, and it can ONLY be experienced by those people who are Enlightened enough to awaken to the Truth [or KNOWLEDGE]  from Within themselves.  In other words, there are two basic types of people on Earth.  One type is like Skinner, Obama, virtually all Democrat politicians, Hillary, etc.  The other type has a more Enlightened Soul, and is therefore capable of accessing the faculty of Intuition, so that he or she can awaken to bits of Truth from Within his or her Spiritual dimension.  Two powerful examples of this are Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz. Ronald Reagan was another.  It has taken me 40 years to learn what I am sharing.  And you may begin your own search ASAP: Start Here.

It would be more expeditious if the reader could believe me, but then… I understand that most of what I am saying is not commonly accepted information.  So, I’ll continue, and those who are open, can be surprised.  The people who speak out most loudly against Trump and Cruz are people whose MINDs view these two men as enemies of the long dreamed of One World Government.   And the Dem/Lib/Intelack people are quite correct… are they not?

So,if you care about Truth, honesty, and the Constitution, you had best do what you can to support the efforts of these two targets of a great many in America today.


Brother James