The problem most people have today… at least those who are Conscious, or possess common sense… lies in not being familiar with what makes a Progressive-type person act like what he or she does?  And the reason for this is that the Liberal/Marxist/Progressive personality cannot be identified by simply looking at a person. When walking down the street, they look just like you and me.

This means that if you are “normal,” and possess a level of consciousness that enables you to feel compassion and kindness, then whether you realize it or not… you are a threat to those people whose Souls are  immature, and whose MINDS rule over their brains, their thoughts, and their actions.  So, can’t we recognize evil people until they commit some evil act?  Yes, we can… but not by just looking at people.  We must LISTEN TO THEM VERY CAREFULLY.

When we hear the term evil, or Satan, we imagine awful images, and dreadful looking creatures. Hardly anyone thinks of Senator McConnell, or Representative Boehner, or the President of the United States of America as being evil creatures… they just don’t look the part.   Many people do not “see” these people as evil beasts… because the people I mentioned do not “fit” our images of evil beasts.  And this is where a great many people in America are fooled.

Today, the reality we have to face is that some of the worst people are nice looking, hold high-paying jobs, and are very clever in deceiving normal people.  You see, we just can’t see how rotten and evil these people are inside of their nice exterior masks.  So, we must listen to people to determine how evil they are.

Anyone who believe Obama is doing a good job is insane, even though they may appear sane.  Anyone who supports abortion and selling of baby parts is a sick, disturbed person. And anyone who supports giving Iran nuclear weapons, as Obama wants to do, is evil and insane.   It is perhaps difficult to “see” some nice looking person as an evil beast, but just listen to the person… and then determine how evil the person is!

Any person who likes big government, or the IRS, or allowing illegal aliens to receive money for being illegal, is an evil person and must be resisted.

All good and Enlightened people are at war today with evil, and many evil people are very clever in masking how evil they really are.  You must listen carefully.

Each of us has two options. 1. To deny evil, and thus become evil.  2. Resist evil, and fight against it, even if it eventually means your death.  To die resisting evil, and in love with God is to insure the survival of ones Soul.

Peace to all Enlightened people

Brother James


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