If one takes the Bible seriously, and I do, then one must realize that America [which Reverend Irvin Baxter] suggests was represented by the Wings of the Eagle] that were part of the Lion [Great Britain] in the Bible, is not described in the ‘end times’ except perhaps as the wings that helped the “woman” [with the halo of 12 stars = Israel] escape to her “safe place”.

One must then speculate as to what will occur to the US?  In my opinion, the fate of the US is being determined as I write this, and as you read this.  Today is July 26, 2015.  In large part, I believe the only alteration of the ‘end times’ possible will be with individual Souls, and by them, there may be some impact upon the nation of America as well?

By electing such an evil person as Obama, America made a horrendous mistake, and by re-electing Obama, the nation as almost sealed its fate relative to the Lake of Fire for many citizens, and the severe geophysical events that  [will or may] befall the US?

If the negative Karma the US is facing is equal to the evil being created by its citizens [which is most certainly the case], then that Karma is due those citizens engaged in evil. And the physical destructive forces that will be required will be necessitated by the number of evil people to be killed?  And if there is any “collateral damage”… that might be reduced by citizens ceasing their evil, and doing their best to seek forgiveness.  Mind you, this would mean great numbers of Souls turning their back on evil, and turning to God.

Now the Atheist or ignorant among us will of course scoff at the above.  But I am writing for those capable of seeing the Reality of Life, or people  Enlightened enough or smart enough to realize that this tsunami of evil in America CANNOT continue without some truly  dire consequences.

If somehow Senator Cruz, and Mr. Trump could team up to win the Oval Office, and they were wise enough to appoint Col. Allen West for Secretary of Defense, and much of the treasonous members of Congress were removed [note I do not limit us to just voting them out of office], and good or Enlightened Americans would separate themselves from all those in America who insist on being evil… then there is a chance [I believe] that by concerted effort, America might be able to save the Souls of perhaps half of the people of America.  We might do this in 6 to 8 months… if we began Now.

If the good people of America use the time line of the evil in the nation, and allow the evil of Obama to go unchecked,  then I believe the US will be mostly destroyed.

On the other hand, If the good and Enlightened people will decide on Cruz and Tump, and get behind them accepting they are the new President and Vice President, and force the Congress to assign Col. Allen West as a Temporary  special consultant to the Defense Department with full authority to defend America [by-passing Obama entirely], then the good people of America might save America as well as Israel.

I do not believe America has a year to diddle around hoping that O will not continue destroying America.  Or that Iran will do nothing. Or that ISIS will do nothing, And that the UN will not want to impose itself on a weak and vulnerable America?

But this can ONLY happen if there is a general consensus of the Conscious people of America.  So, those news people who are Conscious [not evil or corrupt], and the widely respected of the nation, and those people old enough to remember what America used to be… all MUST  BE  willing to let personal desires be put aside… for the greater good of the Nation as a whole… well then, I believe the nation can save itself.

What say you-all?  Are you willing to deny evil,  and to fight the corruption that is now killing America?  Can you take a breath, and realize that life is not the same any more, and it is getting so bad that shortly we will PUSH THE TEETER-TOTTETR so far that we will not be able to correct the death of America.  That is what Obama counts on. Shall we let this evil thing win, or can the Conscious of America  remember what personal responsibility and Patriotism feels like… and take our nation back. Now, not a year from now.


Brother James


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