Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself… “What is evil, and is it a part of me”?

And so, what is the answer?  Is evil  a part of Man, or not?   At 80 years of age, I believe I finally know the answer to this question.  And I know the answer because I was given the words, Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy, via my faculty of Intuition many years ago.

You see, we are reminded continually to be good, and to rise above evil.  But when is the last time you heard someone say… “Man is composed of Neutral Spiritual Energy”?  We don’t hear this because it is true, and not true at the same time.  The Soul of Man is composed of NSgy, but the Soul is invisible, so is the Energy of NSgy.  So, although the only thing that is Real in Man is the Soul, at the same time, the Soul of Man is composed of an Energy that cannot be experienced by  anything that is not itself composed of NSgy.  And the only part of Man that is NSgy is one’s Soul…  and a part of one’s Spiritual dimension called Intuition.

So, the only part of Man that is Real [in an absolute sense] is one’s Soul and a little known part of Man called “Intuition”.   We might think of Intuition as being the means by which one’s Soul communicates with oneself [or with ones sense of Consciousness].  And what ones faculty of Intuition communicates to ones Consciousness are bits of Truth that ones Soul has slowly acquired over many, many lifetimes.

I don’t know how many people are familiar with the Law of Karma, but it is the basic law of Creation.  And it was designed by God, and as each Soul entered the Creation, shortly after the Creation was formed, a MIND was attached to each Soul.  And the MIND attached to each Soul is the local administrator of ones personal Karma.  All ones thoughts and actions are stored Within ones MIND. And the basic law of Karma is this:  As you sow, so shall you reap. Every action you take, that exact same action will come back you to… if not in this very lifetime, then in some future lifetime.  And what enables the Law of Karma to work is the second law of Creation, which is Reincarnation of the Soul, plus the term transmigration.

Reincarnation is simply the fact that the life form in which ones Soul is operating has a limited life span, and when that lifetime is over, the Soul must be judged…

Hebrews 9:27 ESV   And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment,

At the time of death, ones Soul vacates the body and in ones Astral body, one eventually finds oneself before a judge, and together ones Soul and the judge go over how well one did in dealing with the Karma one designed for ones just completed lifetime?  At the close of ones last lifetime ones Soul designed a Fate Karma for the lifetime just completed.

After the evaluation, and designing a new Fate Karma for ones next lifetime, one then goes to some Heaven if one deserves it, or to some Hell, if that is what is needed?  Ones next lifetime is set up synchronistically with the end of ones stay in Heaven or in Hell.  Ones Soul travels to the Earth plane and initiates its new life by giving “Life” to the meeting of a sperm and an egg.  At a certain time, ones Soul takes up residence in the “eye-center” of its new body. At the time of birth, ones Soul drops down into the new body and its MIND takes charge of all the energy centers of its new body.  This is the time when the new personality and psychology of the child is formed… by drawing from the MINDs of its parents.

Evil stems from the MIND, and the desires of the “Lower MIND,” and if left to its own desires, the MIND can be quite evil.  What moderates or diminishes the evil of the MIND is the Soul of a person.  And this depends upon the Spiritual Evolution of the Soul to which a MIND is attached?  And Spiritual Evolution is determined by how much “C’etc” a Soul has acquired?

C’etc is my symbol for the Virtues of Man that each Soul is slowly accumulating by encouraging the MIND attached to a Soul to engage in and COMPLETE Karma. And this basic operation of the MIND is enhanced by,  or thwarted by the family, environment, and education of a person?   And of course, all of this must occur as part of the Fate Karma the Soul designed for its present lifetime?

So, will evil always be with mankind?  Yes, unfortunately, but it varies greatly depending upon the Spiritual Evolution of each Soul.  The strength of ones Soul to resist the temptations of evil depends upon how strongly attached to God ones Soul is?  And i believe that attachment may well depend upon whether ones Soul was “marked” as it entered Creation, or not?  You see, many Souls did not want to leave God, when all Souls had to enter the Creation, and God marked those Souls that did not want to leave.  Are these the Souls spoken of in the Bible as being in the “book of life”?  Perhaps so?


Brother James


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