By James W. Patterson, Ph.D., Esogist, AKA Brother James.

Part I:  A General Theory of Human Evolution.. based on three primary and essential principles that are largely drawn from the history of Eastern Mysticism.


The above symbol is the Chinese pictogram for God [capital “G” God], and this symbol stands for [is thought to mean the same as]  the term “Word” as used  in Christianity.  And, in the Bible, the term “Spirit” is used extensively, but in using this symbol [because it is thought to mean  the same thing as the term “Word”], both are misunderstood.  Whether  this misunderstanding took place by the disciple John, as stated in John 1:1, (as interpreted as) “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”… is not a point of importance… in my presentation. And this immediately moves us to the significant point of this General Theory of Human Evolution regarding human understanding of the phenomena of Life [capital “L” Life].

Today, generally speaking, there is one field believed to be of importance in delineating what is true or not true.  That field is mathematics.  Of second importance is thought to be the field of Philosophy.  I differ from this general belief, and the importance of these two fields of study.  I differ  in that I believe math is only applicable after a truth is already known.  I mean, what does a theoretical proposition “prove”?  It is by definition theoretical, correct? It is, by the limited use of the brain, untrue until  math can “prove” the theory.  And my point is that the use of math can supposedly “prove” a relative truth.  But can math prove an Absolute Truth, the existence of which cannot manifest on the physical plane, nor can it be perceived by ones brain?

Or, put another way, why has the use of math not proven the existence of God?  As wonderful as math is, the use of it is limited to the person using it, is this not so? It is my belief  that the Enlightened individual [whether conscious of doing so or not] uses his or her faculty of Intuition to tap into the invisible dimensions of existence, and then identifies some bit of Intuition by assigning [creating, or applying labels that the brain can recognize] to what has been Intuited. Examples of these abstract terms would be:  Soul, MIND, Consciousness, Conscience, Intuition, Enlightenment, and so forth.


I believe that every living thing possess a Soul.  In this sense, the term Soul refers to the Life Force Within something that causes us to refer to something as “living” [or “alive”].  That is, it is self-sustaining and capable of being observed as such.  I also maintain that a great many other entities have Souls, and are alive, but they exist beyond the reach of current technology.   And the term “Life” refers to the operation of the Soul [which is an Abstract Word referring to the existence of Spirituality Within an entity that causes us to recognize that entity as “alive”]. In the Bible, the element of “Life” Within something is referred to as “Spirit”.

There is an on-going argument amongst people whether or not animals [and other things] possess Souls. That should be resolved if people will accept that noting is alive that does not possess a Soul.  It is the vacating of the Soul of an entity that causes what we identify as death.  It is not some physical element that sustains life, it is the existence and continued operation of the Soul of an entity [working thought the MIND of an entity] that maintains the “Life” of that entity.  And the operations of both the Spiritual dimension and the MIND dimension take place on levels which are invisible to the human being.

Just as a side note: The Karma involved in taking a “Life” is determined by the placement of that entity upon the Ladder of Life. Each level of Life has a number of Tattwas or “life elements” associated with that level of life.  From a source [1] we are told that each level of creature contains a certain number of life elements which, by ending that life form, one assumes responsibility for, and one must  account for this via the Law of Karma. Let us take the time to just glance at this obligatory schedule:

[1] In the vegetable there is but one active tattwa, or elementary condition of matter. That is gal, which means ‘water’.  It refers to the liquid state of any substance.  In the insect there are two active tattwas, agni or ‘fire’ and vayu or ‘air’.  Agni refers to the resolving state, or  heat; it means a transitional state of matter. Vayu refers to the gaseous condition of matter. In the birds there are three active tattwas: gal, agni and vayu.  In the higher animals there are four active tattwas, prithvi, gal, agni and vayu.  But in man, and man alone, all five tattwas are active.  As a matter of fact, all five tattwas are in everything in the world, but they are not active. Akash is the last one, which  is active in man alone.

[1]  Now, the law by which we are governed is this:  The greater the number of active tattwas that are combined in the living individual, the higher he is in the scale of evolution and also the greater the burden of Karma assumed in killing that individual — hence, the greater the burden of Karma assumed in killing.

And here we are faced with bit of a dilemma.  Is one to believe what Western science, religion and philosophy denies and ignores as their reality, or is one to believe what the ancient mystics tell us is reality? Oddly enough, what one chooses is primarily determined by the evolutionary status of ones Soul.  And explaining this is the primary purpose of the General Theory of Human Evolution.

And the term “Spirit” is synonymous with Soul, or Life Force, or the reference in the Bible that  “the Kingdom of God is within Man”.  It should be understood that the Spiritual dimension Within Man is invisible, but since the Spiritual dimension is not capable of being perceived by the brain, a certain class of human being prefers to ignore or discount the invisible dimensions of Man.  This class of human being is identified in my work as the Intelack class individual.

Well, what if I were to say that Truth [or Absolute Truth] cannot be proven by physical means?  And what a mathematician proves is a relative truth, not an Absolute Truth?

What is important, and even crucial to the General Theory of Human Evolution, is that the term “Word,” as used by John in the Bible  [or someone interpreting John], is  an inappropriate word choice.  It is misleading and supportive of a naturally difficult discovery process of Man regarding the search for Truth, Spirituality, and ultimately the Word, or God.

What I am saying is that whomever came up with the term “Word” misconstrued the original Greek term ‘logos’, and misapplied that term [rather than create or coin a different term that specifically applied to the Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man] to the presence of the Energy of God in the Creation.  Why would someone do this?  The reason is explained as part of the General Theory of Human Evolution.

In the West, we have the term Esoteric, and broadly speaking, the term Esoteric refers to phenomena that cannot be perceived by ones physical senses. This is adequate as far as it goes, but to just be satisfied with the term Esoteric… is like being satisfied to call oneself a Christian, and know nothing about the Reality of Christ.

Man has a Soul because Man, and that means every human being, is obligated to pursue one of two paths in life.  One is to struggle to achieve Enlightenment, and the other is to struggle to  satisfy the desires of ones MIND in every way possible.

End of Part I

[1] The Path of the Masters, Julian Johnson [Bib].


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