O’s reasons for illegal military operation in Texas…

The first question we must ask ourselves is this:  Is it legal for a President to conduct a military war games operation within the United States of America, where he will endanger citizens of America?  I do not believe it is legal, but perhaps a lawyer can answer this question?

The next point is what ulterior motive might O have for doing this?  I can think of three right off the top of my head.

1.  Before he declares a Federal take-over of the nation by Marshal Law, he must first test to see if American troops will in fact kill Americans for him under the orders of the White House Chief of Staff?

2.  O also needs to test, threaten, or otherwise try to force some reaction to a Federal invasion of Texas territory by para-military-type organizations within the state;  the number and location of which are most likely already known by the FBI… that is, again,  the FBI is most likely under the control of O and his Czars either by elevating Intelack ppl into positions of authority, or via black mail, or simple  threat to fire any agent who refuses to engage in illegal activity against American citizens.

3.  The third reason is to measure the reaction of the nation to such an illegal action [since thus far he has gotten away with grossly illegal actions against Americans and Congress has said and done nothing.   And this military action engaged in within Texas will also serve as a great diversion for the media to focus on… rather than report what Iran is likely to do to Israel as soon as the agreement enabling Iran to build nuclear weapons with the full support of the United States of America is signed.

I believe this illegal action in Texas  will also provide O an opportunity to stick his finger into the eye of the Governor of Texas, and thus satisfy his and Jarrett’s need for spiteful revenge.  It is important, I believe,  to realize  that the nation is dealing with a sociopath who is insane, and only kept in office due to the fear of Congress that if any attempt to remove O should be mounted, Jackson, Sharpton, and the many race agitators in the nation would light up hundreds of cities like  those already tested, and proven to be ready to destroy the nation to prevent O,  the first black president,  from being found incompetent.

I have no idea how to deal with an insane person whose finger is always near a button that would utterly destroy America… if O was ever threatened with exposure to being wrong or incompetent.  When the Congress of the United States of America is afraid to speak to the treason of O, and he seems to be above the law… and officials in govt seem to serve his treason quite willingly,  I mention the above merely for information.  I fear the nation will have to be destroyed before those charged with protecting the nation would act.

Look to God for personal Peace in these most dangerous times.

Brother James

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