My concern is that too few Americans seem aware that the President of the United States of America [let us refer to him as O],  is the son of a Marxist Muslim revolutionary.  His religious leader of 20 years taught hatred for white people, and his  top aid is a Muslim who hates America. His cabinet is filled with Marxists, and he has placed Muslim Brotherhood officials in many key positions of Government, including the CIA.

O is currently engaged in a widely publicized “negotiation” with Iran [the purpose of which is likely only to prevent Israel from doing what it needs to do to protect itself from the desire of Iran to kill all Israelis].  O has exhibited great disdain for Israel. O refuses to arm America’s ally the Kurds, and yet provided a great many arms to ISIS, in the deal in which Ambassador Stevens was killed… on that night O sleep, even though O knew about the attack on Stevens 10 days prior.   As long as O remains in office, it seems that America is becoming less and less safe.  Is this his goal, this one no longer wonders.

O refuses to acknowledge ISIS as a threat.   O refuses to do anything to curb the terrorist teachings being conducted in Mosques in US.  O seeks to disarm America, and O seeks to reduce the Army by 40,000 soon.   O refuses to meet with the military regarding the threat of Islamic terrorism, and also refuses to acknowledge that Islamic Terrorism even constitutes a threat to America.  O has fired over 400 top field commanders and Generals. In preparation for what… I no longer wonder.

My question to Americans is this:  Are you really willing to allow O to disarm America;  Reduce the military; Encourage infiltration of our Southern border by refusing to guard it; Increase the burden on the entire infrastructure of America my bringing in millions of illegal aliens;  and hamstring the military by refusing to listen to the military; and thus, placing America in a vulnerable position to sustain a combined internal threat of home-grown terrorists coupled with an invasion of Muslim terrorists across our souther border?

I view this as a grim situation.

Brother James

And, by the way… is O insane enough to imagine that if he allows this to take place, that ISIS will reward him in some way?  Yes, unfortunately, O is this insane, and I only wish I could find a way to communicate how deadly serious this threat is to every citizen in America.


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