The problem most people have today… at least those who are Conscious, or possess common sense… lies in not being familiar with what makes a Progressive-type person act like what he or she does?  And the reason for this is that the Liberal/Marxist/Progressive personality cannot be identified by simply looking at a person. When walking down the street, they look just like you and me.

This means that if you are “normal,” and possess a level of consciousness that enables you to feel compassion and kindness, then whether you realize it or not… you are a threat to those people whose Souls are  immature, and whose MINDS rule over their brains, their thoughts, and their actions.  So, can’t we recognize evil people until they commit some evil act?  Yes, we can… but not by just looking at people.  We must LISTEN TO THEM VERY CAREFULLY.

When we hear the term evil, or Satan, we imagine awful images, and dreadful looking creatures. Hardly anyone thinks of Senator McConnell, or Representative Boehner, or the President of the United States of America as being evil creatures… they just don’t look the part.   Many people do not “see” these people as evil beasts… because the people I mentioned do not “fit” our images of evil beasts.  And this is where a great many people in America are fooled.

Today, the reality we have to face is that some of the worst people are nice looking, hold high-paying jobs, and are very clever in deceiving normal people.  You see, we just can’t see how rotten and evil these people are inside of their nice exterior masks.  So, we must listen to people to determine how evil they are.

Anyone who believe Obama is doing a good job is insane, even though they may appear sane.  Anyone who supports abortion and selling of baby parts is a sick, disturbed person. And anyone who supports giving Iran nuclear weapons, as Obama wants to do, is evil and insane.   It is perhaps difficult to “see” some nice looking person as an evil beast, but just listen to the person… and then determine how evil the person is!

Any person who likes big government, or the IRS, or allowing illegal aliens to receive money for being illegal, is an evil person and must be resisted.

All good and Enlightened people are at war today with evil, and many evil people are very clever in masking how evil they really are.  You must listen carefully.

Each of us has two options. 1. To deny evil, and thus become evil.  2. Resist evil, and fight against it, even if it eventually means your death.  To die resisting evil, and in love with God is to insure the survival of ones Soul.

Peace to all Enlightened people

Brother James


AMERICA’S CHOICE FOR THE FUTURE + the Bible + Revelation =?

If one takes the Bible seriously, and I do, then one must realize that America [which Reverend Irvin Baxter] suggests was represented by the Wings of the Eagle] that were part of the Lion [Great Britain] in the Bible, is not described in the ‘end times’ except perhaps as the wings that helped the “woman” [with the halo of 12 stars = Israel] escape to her “safe place”.

One must then speculate as to what will occur to the US?  In my opinion, the fate of the US is being determined as I write this, and as you read this.  Today is July 26, 2015.  In large part, I believe the only alteration of the ‘end times’ possible will be with individual Souls, and by them, there may be some impact upon the nation of America as well?

By electing such an evil person as Obama, America made a horrendous mistake, and by re-electing Obama, the nation as almost sealed its fate relative to the Lake of Fire for many citizens, and the severe geophysical events that  [will or may] befall the US?

If the negative Karma the US is facing is equal to the evil being created by its citizens [which is most certainly the case], then that Karma is due those citizens engaged in evil. And the physical destructive forces that will be required will be necessitated by the number of evil people to be killed?  And if there is any “collateral damage”… that might be reduced by citizens ceasing their evil, and doing their best to seek forgiveness.  Mind you, this would mean great numbers of Souls turning their back on evil, and turning to God.

Now the Atheist or ignorant among us will of course scoff at the above.  But I am writing for those capable of seeing the Reality of Life, or people  Enlightened enough or smart enough to realize that this tsunami of evil in America CANNOT continue without some truly  dire consequences.

If somehow Senator Cruz, and Mr. Trump could team up to win the Oval Office, and they were wise enough to appoint Col. Allen West for Secretary of Defense, and much of the treasonous members of Congress were removed [note I do not limit us to just voting them out of office], and good or Enlightened Americans would separate themselves from all those in America who insist on being evil… then there is a chance [I believe] that by concerted effort, America might be able to save the Souls of perhaps half of the people of America.  We might do this in 6 to 8 months… if we began Now.

If the good people of America use the time line of the evil in the nation, and allow the evil of Obama to go unchecked,  then I believe the US will be mostly destroyed.

On the other hand, If the good and Enlightened people will decide on Cruz and Tump, and get behind them accepting they are the new President and Vice President, and force the Congress to assign Col. Allen West as a Temporary  special consultant to the Defense Department with full authority to defend America [by-passing Obama entirely], then the good people of America might save America as well as Israel.

I do not believe America has a year to diddle around hoping that O will not continue destroying America.  Or that Iran will do nothing. Or that ISIS will do nothing, And that the UN will not want to impose itself on a weak and vulnerable America?

But this can ONLY happen if there is a general consensus of the Conscious people of America.  So, those news people who are Conscious [not evil or corrupt], and the widely respected of the nation, and those people old enough to remember what America used to be… all MUST  BE  willing to let personal desires be put aside… for the greater good of the Nation as a whole… well then, I believe the nation can save itself.

What say you-all?  Are you willing to deny evil,  and to fight the corruption that is now killing America?  Can you take a breath, and realize that life is not the same any more, and it is getting so bad that shortly we will PUSH THE TEETER-TOTTETR so far that we will not be able to correct the death of America.  That is what Obama counts on. Shall we let this evil thing win, or can the Conscious of America  remember what personal responsibility and Patriotism feels like… and take our nation back. Now, not a year from now.


Brother James


Senator Ted Cruze today spoke, and in my opinion, he sincerely expressed sadness and disappointment with some ‘lies’ told by Mitch McConnell.

My Question to you is this… Do you KNOW what caused Mitch McConnell to tell these lies?  I don’t mean greed, fear, blackmail…. which may be aspects of the lying, but what TOOK PLACE INSIDE OF McConnell THAT ALLOWED HIM TO LIE TO HIMSELF AND OTHERS?

OR, put another way, what enabled McConnell to lie to a great many people about an issue of great importance to all Americans, and not just Republican Senators?  Or, was his lying intentional [that is, a denial of Truth for selfish reasons based on greed & avarice]?  And this last question raises a crucial point… IS IT POSSIBLE FOR AN HONEST PERSON TO LIE, PERIOD?

I DO NOT BELIEVE IT IS POSSIBLE FOR AN HONEST PERSON [or someone within whom a love and respect for God exists] to knowingly lie.  “Knowingly lie”?  And from here on, we move into the operations of the MIND and Spirit of Man, and well beyond the operation of the brain, thinking, and intellectual “choice”.  You see, believe it or not… there are people among us that are evil, and lacking in Conscience.  The Souls of these people are immature, or lacking in the Virtues of Life that all Souls are slowly seeking to acquire — to further their Spiritual Evolution [if indeed, this is the desire of one’s Soul]?

1 Corinthians 2:14  The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God [Truth] for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are Spiritually discerned.

If we read this with a bit of ‘discernment’ we realize  that some people ‘lack’ the things of the Spirit…  And are not compelled to act from Truth.  But are operated by their MINDs, and the MIND does not deal in nor perceive Spirituality, or Truth.  But the MIND tends to glorify itself, and usually at the expense of others.

So, surprise, surprise… some people appear to be quite “normal”.  And they can often act with great skill, where manipulation of what others think and believe are concerned.  These people can be well-educated, well-placed in various vocations, and depending upon the level of “Consciousness” of the Souls of such people, their skill in lying is only limited by the Enlightenment of those they seek to fool, manipulate, swindle, hoodwink, cheat, or control by deviously clever lies, distortions or fabrications.

Ephesians 4:18 They are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart.

Senator Ted Cruz is an Enlightened individual [evolved Spiritually], and thus, uncommonly capable of Intuitively experiencing the absence of Truth in other people [a natural attribute of the fully competent psychotherapist].   To do this, a person must possess a Soul that is able to resist the desires of his or her own MIND, and these desires are GREED, ENVY, and an insatiable need to CONTROL others [which are the deep-seated desires of the typical politician whose PRIMARY PURPOSE FOR LIFE IS POWER AND CONTROL.  I refer to such people as Intelack type personalities. Described HERE.

John 8:44 ESV    You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

And what motives this insatiable NEED to CONTROL… in the Intelack type personality is Fear.  And surprisingly, what such a person fears is the  Truth, or Spirituality.  That is, Honesty, Goodness, and events whose purpose is activated by people of good conscience.

Alas, good people who are not Enlightened, try to see the darkness in people, but the darkness of evil does not reveal itself to the physical senses.  Evil is only discerned in examination of the symptoms of lying, cheating, and corruption.

Well, I believe McConnell lied because he is a godless human being, lacking Conscience, and Consciousness, he is not revealed for what his MIND is, except to those wise enough to note how he serves another son of Satan, Obama.  Liars cannot “see” that others like themselves are lying.  What they can see and intensely fear is the Truth.

All conscious and Enlightened people in nation need to strongly support Senator Ted Cruz in his heroic effort to stand against the evil of DC, so perfectly exhibited  in the duplicitous actions of McConnell, and his fellow Intelack individuals.


Brother James


Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself… “What is evil, and is it a part of me”?

And so, what is the answer?  Is evil  a part of Man, or not?   At 80 years of age, I believe I finally know the answer to this question.  And I know the answer because I was given the words, Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy, via my faculty of Intuition many years ago.

You see, we are reminded continually to be good, and to rise above evil.  But when is the last time you heard someone say… “Man is composed of Neutral Spiritual Energy”?  We don’t hear this because it is true, and not true at the same time.  The Soul of Man is composed of NSgy, but the Soul is invisible, so is the Energy of NSgy.  So, although the only thing that is Real in Man is the Soul, at the same time, the Soul of Man is composed of an Energy that cannot be experienced by  anything that is not itself composed of NSgy.  And the only part of Man that is NSgy is one’s Soul…  and a part of one’s Spiritual dimension called Intuition.

So, the only part of Man that is Real [in an absolute sense] is one’s Soul and a little known part of Man called “Intuition”.   We might think of Intuition as being the means by which one’s Soul communicates with oneself [or with ones sense of Consciousness].  And what ones faculty of Intuition communicates to ones Consciousness are bits of Truth that ones Soul has slowly acquired over many, many lifetimes.

I don’t know how many people are familiar with the Law of Karma, but it is the basic law of Creation.  And it was designed by God, and as each Soul entered the Creation, shortly after the Creation was formed, a MIND was attached to each Soul.  And the MIND attached to each Soul is the local administrator of ones personal Karma.  All ones thoughts and actions are stored Within ones MIND. And the basic law of Karma is this:  As you sow, so shall you reap. Every action you take, that exact same action will come back you to… if not in this very lifetime, then in some future lifetime.  And what enables the Law of Karma to work is the second law of Creation, which is Reincarnation of the Soul, plus the term transmigration.

Reincarnation is simply the fact that the life form in which ones Soul is operating has a limited life span, and when that lifetime is over, the Soul must be judged…

Hebrews 9:27 ESV   And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment,

At the time of death, ones Soul vacates the body and in ones Astral body, one eventually finds oneself before a judge, and together ones Soul and the judge go over how well one did in dealing with the Karma one designed for ones just completed lifetime?  At the close of ones last lifetime ones Soul designed a Fate Karma for the lifetime just completed.

After the evaluation, and designing a new Fate Karma for ones next lifetime, one then goes to some Heaven if one deserves it, or to some Hell, if that is what is needed?  Ones next lifetime is set up synchronistically with the end of ones stay in Heaven or in Hell.  Ones Soul travels to the Earth plane and initiates its new life by giving “Life” to the meeting of a sperm and an egg.  At a certain time, ones Soul takes up residence in the “eye-center” of its new body. At the time of birth, ones Soul drops down into the new body and its MIND takes charge of all the energy centers of its new body.  This is the time when the new personality and psychology of the child is formed… by drawing from the MINDs of its parents.

Evil stems from the MIND, and the desires of the “Lower MIND,” and if left to its own desires, the MIND can be quite evil.  What moderates or diminishes the evil of the MIND is the Soul of a person.  And this depends upon the Spiritual Evolution of the Soul to which a MIND is attached?  And Spiritual Evolution is determined by how much “C’etc” a Soul has acquired?

C’etc is my symbol for the Virtues of Man that each Soul is slowly accumulating by encouraging the MIND attached to a Soul to engage in and COMPLETE Karma. And this basic operation of the MIND is enhanced by,  or thwarted by the family, environment, and education of a person?   And of course, all of this must occur as part of the Fate Karma the Soul designed for its present lifetime?

So, will evil always be with mankind?  Yes, unfortunately, but it varies greatly depending upon the Spiritual Evolution of each Soul.  The strength of ones Soul to resist the temptations of evil depends upon how strongly attached to God ones Soul is?  And i believe that attachment may well depend upon whether ones Soul was “marked” as it entered Creation, or not?  You see, many Souls did not want to leave God, when all Souls had to enter the Creation, and God marked those Souls that did not want to leave.  Are these the Souls spoken of in the Bible as being in the “book of life”?  Perhaps so?


Brother James


By James W. Patterson, Ph.D., Esogist, AKA Brother James.

Part I:  A General Theory of Human Evolution.. based on three primary and essential principles that are largely drawn from the history of Eastern Mysticism.


The above symbol is the Chinese pictogram for God [capital “G” God], and this symbol stands for [is thought to mean the same as]  the term “Word” as used  in Christianity.  And, in the Bible, the term “Spirit” is used extensively, but in using this symbol [because it is thought to mean  the same thing as the term “Word”], both are misunderstood.  Whether  this misunderstanding took place by the disciple John, as stated in John 1:1, (as interpreted as) “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”… is not a point of importance… in my presentation. And this immediately moves us to the significant point of this General Theory of Human Evolution regarding human understanding of the phenomena of Life [capital “L” Life].

Today, generally speaking, there is one field believed to be of importance in delineating what is true or not true.  That field is mathematics.  Of second importance is thought to be the field of Philosophy.  I differ from this general belief, and the importance of these two fields of study.  I differ  in that I believe math is only applicable after a truth is already known.  I mean, what does a theoretical proposition “prove”?  It is by definition theoretical, correct? It is, by the limited use of the brain, untrue until  math can “prove” the theory.  And my point is that the use of math can supposedly “prove” a relative truth.  But can math prove an Absolute Truth, the existence of which cannot manifest on the physical plane, nor can it be perceived by ones brain?

Or, put another way, why has the use of math not proven the existence of God?  As wonderful as math is, the use of it is limited to the person using it, is this not so? It is my belief  that the Enlightened individual [whether conscious of doing so or not] uses his or her faculty of Intuition to tap into the invisible dimensions of existence, and then identifies some bit of Intuition by assigning [creating, or applying labels that the brain can recognize] to what has been Intuited. Examples of these abstract terms would be:  Soul, MIND, Consciousness, Conscience, Intuition, Enlightenment, and so forth.


I believe that every living thing possess a Soul.  In this sense, the term Soul refers to the Life Force Within something that causes us to refer to something as “living” [or “alive”].  That is, it is self-sustaining and capable of being observed as such.  I also maintain that a great many other entities have Souls, and are alive, but they exist beyond the reach of current technology.   And the term “Life” refers to the operation of the Soul [which is an Abstract Word referring to the existence of Spirituality Within an entity that causes us to recognize that entity as “alive”]. In the Bible, the element of “Life” Within something is referred to as “Spirit”.

There is an on-going argument amongst people whether or not animals [and other things] possess Souls. That should be resolved if people will accept that noting is alive that does not possess a Soul.  It is the vacating of the Soul of an entity that causes what we identify as death.  It is not some physical element that sustains life, it is the existence and continued operation of the Soul of an entity [working thought the MIND of an entity] that maintains the “Life” of that entity.  And the operations of both the Spiritual dimension and the MIND dimension take place on levels which are invisible to the human being.

Just as a side note: The Karma involved in taking a “Life” is determined by the placement of that entity upon the Ladder of Life. Each level of Life has a number of Tattwas or “life elements” associated with that level of life.  From a source [1] we are told that each level of creature contains a certain number of life elements which, by ending that life form, one assumes responsibility for, and one must  account for this via the Law of Karma. Let us take the time to just glance at this obligatory schedule:

[1] In the vegetable there is but one active tattwa, or elementary condition of matter. That is gal, which means ‘water’.  It refers to the liquid state of any substance.  In the insect there are two active tattwas, agni or ‘fire’ and vayu or ‘air’.  Agni refers to the resolving state, or  heat; it means a transitional state of matter. Vayu refers to the gaseous condition of matter. In the birds there are three active tattwas: gal, agni and vayu.  In the higher animals there are four active tattwas, prithvi, gal, agni and vayu.  But in man, and man alone, all five tattwas are active.  As a matter of fact, all five tattwas are in everything in the world, but they are not active. Akash is the last one, which  is active in man alone.

[1]  Now, the law by which we are governed is this:  The greater the number of active tattwas that are combined in the living individual, the higher he is in the scale of evolution and also the greater the burden of Karma assumed in killing that individual — hence, the greater the burden of Karma assumed in killing.

And here we are faced with bit of a dilemma.  Is one to believe what Western science, religion and philosophy denies and ignores as their reality, or is one to believe what the ancient mystics tell us is reality? Oddly enough, what one chooses is primarily determined by the evolutionary status of ones Soul.  And explaining this is the primary purpose of the General Theory of Human Evolution.

And the term “Spirit” is synonymous with Soul, or Life Force, or the reference in the Bible that  “the Kingdom of God is within Man”.  It should be understood that the Spiritual dimension Within Man is invisible, but since the Spiritual dimension is not capable of being perceived by the brain, a certain class of human being prefers to ignore or discount the invisible dimensions of Man.  This class of human being is identified in my work as the Intelack class individual.

Well, what if I were to say that Truth [or Absolute Truth] cannot be proven by physical means?  And what a mathematician proves is a relative truth, not an Absolute Truth?

What is important, and even crucial to the General Theory of Human Evolution, is that the term “Word,” as used by John in the Bible  [or someone interpreting John], is  an inappropriate word choice.  It is misleading and supportive of a naturally difficult discovery process of Man regarding the search for Truth, Spirituality, and ultimately the Word, or God.

What I am saying is that whomever came up with the term “Word” misconstrued the original Greek term ‘logos’, and misapplied that term [rather than create or coin a different term that specifically applied to the Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man] to the presence of the Energy of God in the Creation.  Why would someone do this?  The reason is explained as part of the General Theory of Human Evolution.

In the West, we have the term Esoteric, and broadly speaking, the term Esoteric refers to phenomena that cannot be perceived by ones physical senses. This is adequate as far as it goes, but to just be satisfied with the term Esoteric… is like being satisfied to call oneself a Christian, and know nothing about the Reality of Christ.

Man has a Soul because Man, and that means every human being, is obligated to pursue one of two paths in life.  One is to struggle to achieve Enlightenment, and the other is to struggle to  satisfy the desires of ones MIND in every way possible.

End of Part I

[1] The Path of the Masters, Julian Johnson [Bib].

O’s reasons for illegal military operation in Texas…

The first question we must ask ourselves is this:  Is it legal for a President to conduct a military war games operation within the United States of America, where he will endanger citizens of America?  I do not believe it is legal, but perhaps a lawyer can answer this question?

The next point is what ulterior motive might O have for doing this?  I can think of three right off the top of my head.

1.  Before he declares a Federal take-over of the nation by Marshal Law, he must first test to see if American troops will in fact kill Americans for him under the orders of the White House Chief of Staff?

2.  O also needs to test, threaten, or otherwise try to force some reaction to a Federal invasion of Texas territory by para-military-type organizations within the state;  the number and location of which are most likely already known by the FBI… that is, again,  the FBI is most likely under the control of O and his Czars either by elevating Intelack ppl into positions of authority, or via black mail, or simple  threat to fire any agent who refuses to engage in illegal activity against American citizens.

3.  The third reason is to measure the reaction of the nation to such an illegal action [since thus far he has gotten away with grossly illegal actions against Americans and Congress has said and done nothing.   And this military action engaged in within Texas will also serve as a great diversion for the media to focus on… rather than report what Iran is likely to do to Israel as soon as the agreement enabling Iran to build nuclear weapons with the full support of the United States of America is signed.

I believe this illegal action in Texas  will also provide O an opportunity to stick his finger into the eye of the Governor of Texas, and thus satisfy his and Jarrett’s need for spiteful revenge.  It is important, I believe,  to realize  that the nation is dealing with a sociopath who is insane, and only kept in office due to the fear of Congress that if any attempt to remove O should be mounted, Jackson, Sharpton, and the many race agitators in the nation would light up hundreds of cities like  those already tested, and proven to be ready to destroy the nation to prevent O,  the first black president,  from being found incompetent.

I have no idea how to deal with an insane person whose finger is always near a button that would utterly destroy America… if O was ever threatened with exposure to being wrong or incompetent.  When the Congress of the United States of America is afraid to speak to the treason of O, and he seems to be above the law… and officials in govt seem to serve his treason quite willingly,  I mention the above merely for information.  I fear the nation will have to be destroyed before those charged with protecting the nation would act.

Look to God for personal Peace in these most dangerous times.

Brother James

If this makes sense to you at all, you might RT so others can be aware.

Open Letter to Americans… A Most Serious Concern

My concern is that too few Americans seem aware that the President of the United States of America [let us refer to him as O],  is the son of a Marxist Muslim revolutionary.  His religious leader of 20 years taught hatred for white people, and his  top aid is a Muslim who hates America. His cabinet is filled with Marxists, and he has placed Muslim Brotherhood officials in many key positions of Government, including the CIA.

O is currently engaged in a widely publicized “negotiation” with Iran [the purpose of which is likely only to prevent Israel from doing what it needs to do to protect itself from the desire of Iran to kill all Israelis].  O has exhibited great disdain for Israel. O refuses to arm America’s ally the Kurds, and yet provided a great many arms to ISIS, in the deal in which Ambassador Stevens was killed… on that night O sleep, even though O knew about the attack on Stevens 10 days prior.   As long as O remains in office, it seems that America is becoming less and less safe.  Is this his goal, this one no longer wonders.

O refuses to acknowledge ISIS as a threat.   O refuses to do anything to curb the terrorist teachings being conducted in Mosques in US.  O seeks to disarm America, and O seeks to reduce the Army by 40,000 soon.   O refuses to meet with the military regarding the threat of Islamic terrorism, and also refuses to acknowledge that Islamic Terrorism even constitutes a threat to America.  O has fired over 400 top field commanders and Generals. In preparation for what… I no longer wonder.

My question to Americans is this:  Are you really willing to allow O to disarm America;  Reduce the military; Encourage infiltration of our Southern border by refusing to guard it; Increase the burden on the entire infrastructure of America my bringing in millions of illegal aliens;  and hamstring the military by refusing to listen to the military; and thus, placing America in a vulnerable position to sustain a combined internal threat of home-grown terrorists coupled with an invasion of Muslim terrorists across our souther border?

I view this as a grim situation.

Brother James

And, by the way… is O insane enough to imagine that if he allows this to take place, that ISIS will reward him in some way?  Yes, unfortunately, O is this insane, and I only wish I could find a way to communicate how deadly serious this threat is to every citizen in America.