A Unique View of Truth




is the Chinese symbol for ‘center’ or ‘centered’
And               Unknown-3             is the symbol for God.

Notice that part of the symbol for God is very similar to the symbol for centered. The box has an additional horizontal line in the middle of the box, which forms a cross. And the cross is a traditional symbol for Christ, or the resurrection of Christ. It should also be noted that in the Bible, Christ refers to himself as the son of God, and refers to God as the Lord, his Father.
So, what I am saying is that TRUTH is an absolute [and thus, permanent and unchanging]… and this is quite strange because on the Earth, which is known for continually changing, it is thought that nothing is permanent [except for the unknown… or unknowable]. Which philosophers tell us cannot be known. Question is this:  Can the unknown be known?

The answer is assumed by certain people to be no… and yet… there are people [I refer to such people as Enlightened], who do have access to bits of Truth via a natural faculty of Man I refer to as Intuition. And Intuition, not unlike Truth in some respects, is rarely discussed. Why? Because to the typical intellectual… the concept of Intuition is frightening [unknowingly so] but nonetheless and non-consciously frightening. [Something we do not ask today is the REASON so many intellectuals have no interest in, and ignore or discount Spirituality]? The reason [again unknown to certain people] is a non-recognized fear of the “unknown” nature of Spirituality.  And in this case, that “unknown” is associated with what is deeply repressed within the MIND of these certain intellectuals. Specifically those people who “think” that the brain is the only way to “know” anything of value. Example: B.F. Skinner, whose Delusional Thinking …gave America the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”.
This quote from the book: B.F. Skinner: The Man and his ideas, by Richard I Evans tells those of us capable of “seeing” fear hidden within rhetoric, how much Skinner feared his own MIND.
“…A chld is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.”
In this quote Skinner displayed his disdain for [and ignorance of] Psychology. But he knew nothing of the fear that drove his Delusional Thinking, and thus, although quite bright and admired by others who are equally confined to Intellectualism, Skinner was subtly insane [lacking in Consciousness].

You see… the ONLY way to tap into that which is repressed Within ones MIND, is to let go of the illusion of Control that is maintained by retaining ones attention fixed in the {Left-Hemisphere} of ones brain, and in thinking “about” things physical, tangible and “safe”. For some people, this is the means by which they avoid the three-quarters of Man that are not physical/ not obvious/ and not discernible by the brain. In other words… some people avoid the unknown [Spirituality, Intuition, Truth or MIND], by resisting anything that might expose them to what they [unknowingly fear].  And they do this by “thinking”.
Alas… it is impossible to discover the TRUTH by thinking.  Sorry philosophers, I do not make the rules, I merely live by those rules I have discovered.

Intuition is not capable of being “controlled” by, operated by, nor even discovered by the brain. The brain is physical, and Intuition is an aspect of ones Spiritual dimension. And this places Intuition in the category of the “unknown,” which means… for the Intelack type person, Intuition is the hallway that leads to Truth, and this hallway is [non-consciously] frightening to the type of person I refer to as the Intelack class personality.

In addition, let us agree [among ourselves] that there are some people who actually “hate” anything that symbolizes Spirituality. Now, to these people [since they are in denial of Truth, unknown to themselves of course], their hostility to the symbols of Spirituality automatically blocks them from being open to Truth [which IS AN ASPECT OF ONES SPIRITUAL DIMENSION]. If one who is controlled by his/her MIND knew of this control, then he/she would have a choice to make. That is, If one was aware?

Unfortunately, when one is unaware that one lacks certain Virtues of Life [such as Conscience, Knowledge, Empathy, and so forth…], one has no idea that one is subject to being caused by his or her MIND to think  [believe and speak Delusional Thinking, or D-Think], which are thoughts fed to the Left-Hemisphere of ones brain by ones MIND. Nor are such people aware that D-Think is almost always false in that its purpose is to “protect” one from being exposed to the Truth.  And yes, this is strange, and not widely reported.

Does this mean the Intelack type personality is unaware that he or she will tend to lie, cheat, and engage in corruption, or other evil actions? Yes, this is the unfortunate case, and it is to the misfortune of America that so few people are aware that this is the natural, automatic, and inevitable nature of the Intelack type personality. If one were to evaluate all leaders in Government, one would be amazed that each official, or person in Congress who is discovered to be a liar, a cheat, corrupt, or simply living off the taxes of the nation… while enlarging his/her personal wealth… will be an Intelack type personality, for whom ‘truth’ is simply an expedient fraud.  Truth is not an experience the Intelack type personality can experience since it is an unknown to such a person, and beyond his or her capacity to comprehend or understand.

The telltale of the Intelack is invisible to ones eyes, but not to ones Intuition, nor to the ears of one… if one is the least bit Enlightened ?  When you hear someone say: “The wealthy need to pay more”. Or, “Life is unfair”. Or, we need more money to improve…. anything and everything. Or, if a politician says that more government is the answer to everything that’s wrong… Or, the politician says: “We, or you need to compromise,” you have just heard an Intelack. If you know of a person seeking to remove all symbols of Spirituality from the eyes of the public, then you KNOW you are observing an Intelack type personality… and such people should be identified so that everyone can know them.

Truth is an abstract term that points to elements of Reality that are permanent, Absolute, and they never change. And the ONLY way to experience Truth is via ones faculty of Intuition as a large Ah-ha, that one suddenly awakens to… that begins to disappear just as soon as one begins to “think” about it. So, begin practicing resisting thinking with ones brain as much as one can… in anticipation of opening ones faculty of Intuition. Do this by closing your eyes, and looking at the darkness… and resisting the thoughts your MIND will immediately push into the darkness to prevent you from experiencing your Intuition, or that which your MIND fears. The nearer you can come to remaining “at Peace” with the darkness… [the quietness Within], the sooner you will begin to Intuit bits of Truth and make them yours. First we must discover the secret of silence, then the silence rewards us with bits of Truth that enhance our ability to resist evil. This is the slow and gradual process of becoming Enlightened.
Each of us owes it to him or herself to begin to be open to the Spirituality that resides Within ourselves. It comes to us via our Intuition as subtle bits of Truth. So, when you Intuit some bit of Truth, do not discount it, or ignore it… but focus on it intensely, and try to keep your attention fixed on it as long as you can.

“Truth cannot be taught, it must be caught.” Brother James


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