Homosexuality… A Rare Look at the Psychology of this Illness

The reason so many people fail to comprehend what I am about to share with the public is that modern mental health, perhaps unknown to many people… including those trained in what is called “Behavioral Psychology,” is the very important fact that Man has a MIND, as well as a brain; And the additional fact that the MIND actually directs the “thinking” of the brain in certain people.

Now, although many people seem to naturally comprehend the fact that Man has a MIND as well as a brain, there are some people for whom this fact is not “naturally understood”. What we call “modern mental health,” [or BS&bp — Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”], has operated for the last century based on a belief put forth by B.F. Skinner, in the early 1900s, that denies the MIND of Man, and sets forth the Delusional Idea that the MIND does not exist.
And there is a reason some people are “naturally” unable to conceive of a MIND. And this “reason” is Psychological, or not part of the conscious awareness of certain people. And it is this little known inability of some people to perceive the existence of the MIND [and more importantly, its operations], that I need to discuss as part of this unusual explanation of the illness of Homosexuality.
Let us begin with a quote from Skinner that nicely illustrates his Delusional Thinking, or D-Think, regarding the MIND of Man. This quote is from the book: B.F. Skinner: The Man and his Ideas. New York: E.P. Dutton & Co, 1968: And written by Richard I. Evans.
________________ “A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior”.
This is the “reason,” by the way, BS&bp has been unable to determine what causes Homosexuality. When BS&bp ignores, and largely denies the MIND, it is therefore left with a search for the “cause” of this illness somewhere other than WITHIN the Homosexual him/herself, the operations of the person’s MIND are ignored entirely.
When Skinner said: “…the child of our past is still contained within us…” he was referring to the MIND, and unintentionally, he conveyed to those of us who do not fear our MINDs, the clear fact that he did fear his own MIND, and what his MIND held hidden Within itself. It was his own fear of his own MIND that caused him to project his fear in his rhetoric, which his MIND intended to disguise his fear in intellectual [brain-level] dialogue. Now, it no doubt helps that I have listened for over 30 years to countless people using MIND-generated rhetoric to try and hide the emotional conflicts of their MINDs with brain-level dialogue; but these were my clients, seen as a psychotherapist over all these years. Unfortunately, Skinner did not present himself to a competent therapist for help with his own MIND. He found it easier to manipulate the field of Psychology into accepting his Intellectualism [or study of animals absent any thought of the MIND] as an adjunct class of Psychology. Alas, a great many found his Intellectualism [or denial of three-fourths of Man] quite attractive, especially since it meant they no longer had to deal with the repressed traumata Within their own MINDs. And this is the state of “psychology” today, a field that is dominated by “Intelack” type people who are very intellectual, but lack “common sense”.
Hopefully the reader can appreciate the Psychological investment BS&bp trained individuals might have in “not seeing” the conflicted MIND of the Homosexual, and instead keep searching for some physical explanation for the illness /// which has now morphed into a demand by Homosexuals that the nation accept this illness as “natural”. Including the latest achievement of this illness, extracting from the Supreme Court the asinine idea that marriage of psychologically conflicted people is a good idea.
The Illness of Homosexuality… from the inside out. A Psychological exposition.
_______________ The formation of the personality of a person is formed by the MIND of that person at the time of birth, along with the Psychology of that person. This premise is a fact, and one appreciated by the ancient Greeks who gave the world Psychology some 2,000 + years ago. The prefix ‘psyche’ is Greek, and is defined as “Self, Soul and Mind”. And these terms all refer to the Esoteric, or invisible operations of Man. The Greeks were wise enough to realize that a person’s behaviors are “symptoms” of what is going on Within a person’s MIND. Behavior watching is only of value if the person observing behavior KNOWS what the MIND is, and can therefore ’empathetically’ “see” in the behavior the attempts by the MIND to mask and confuse by such behavior.
To make behavior the idol of a profession is perhaps blasphemous… if not irresponsible.
I will not give the reader a “complete” diagnosis of Psychology, since precious few in America are prepared to embrace multiple vibrational dimensions as both existing and operating simultaneously. Let me simply say that the whole of Man is a most fascinating field of study. But it is not meant for everyone. Just like the gifted concert pianist is not duplicated by everyone who would like to be a gifted pianist. The study of Psychology was meant for those who cannot help themselves. And for whom a great many lifetimes were spent in preparation. But this quickly moves beyond the belief systems of most Americans, does it not?
The MIND of the child, at the time of birth, reaches out [empathetically] to the MIND of the mother [and the father if present], and this is to gather the vibrational energies of the various emotions active Within the MIND of one or both parents. It is from what the MIND of the child picks up from one or both parents in this process that both the personality and Psychology of the child is formed. This process is the means by which the MIND of the child gathers a great deal of data that ties the child to the parents, and to the culture in which the child is born.
If the sexual identity of either parent is, in any way [unclear or fearful], then this is passed on to the MIND of the child. And thus far, this is human formation 101, and each of us experienced this process as part of our birth process. It is a combination of what is gleaned from the MINDs of ones parent… [or parents] PLUS, what oneself has designed for this lifetime that determines both the personality and the psychology of the human being. And it is my adding the fact that we Souls have a part in the design or our lives that may be upsetting to many people in the West?
The extent of our collective ignorance regarding the invisible three-fourths of the whole of Life is both astounding, and almost shameful. Since such information is readily available to us, but to maintain the structure of Christianity… largely the “interpretation” thereof, many have chosen to opt for the rhetoric of Intellectualism and ignore the natural questions Enlightened people have regarding the mystery of Life? I have come to the conclusion that Intellectualism is a form of compensation for a class of people I refer to as Intelack type personalities, given to them by nature to provide them with a sense of being elite and special, because they “lack” a sufficient access to the Spirituality Within themselves, which, if accessed, would provide them with Knowledge their Souls are not [as yet] ready to handle. Skinner was an Intelack. Those in modern mental health, or BS&bp, who “think” that studying the behavior of Man is all the ancient Greeks intended Psychology to be… are Intelack type personalities.
And all Intelack type people share in common an intense fear of the “unknown”. What is the unknown? The three-quarters of Man, and of Life, that the brain and physical senses cannot perceive is the unknown of Life. And… what makes the Homosexual a Homosexual is “unknown” to the Intelack type personality. So, both the Intelack in the field of “psychology” [in order to avoid having to expose the fact he/she fears the unknown], and the Homosexual have MINDs that convince them that Homosexuality must be “natural”.
And I have not as yet explained that the Intelack type personality just happens to lack access to the faculty of Intuition [an operational aspect of ones Spiritual dimension] which is the only way in which Enlightened human beings accesses the Spirituality hidden Within themselves. Problem is… neither the Enlightened individual nor the Intelack type personality today realize that this huge difference between them exists. Each is frustrated that the other refuses to yield to what the Intelack “thinks” and the Enlightened individual “KNOWS”.
It is only in politics where the Intelack finds huge success, because the Intelack can lie, cheat, steal, and enjoys the game of corruption, and by using these various forms of evil, they can intimate the Enlightened individuals into COMPROMISE. To compromise with evil… is to enable evil. And alas, this is a lesson many otherwise Enlightened people in politics will have to “learn” by spending some time in Hell at the end of this lifetime. And, once again, if you do not believe in Hell, that is perfectly OK.
So, there you have the “game” being played with all our lives relative to the illness of Homosexuality. As long as the fields of “psychology” and mental health are content with pretending that Man is a one-dimensional thing, with no MIND, no Spiritual dimension, and devoid of responsibility, and the Homosexual can use the threat of the term “homophobe” to intimidate people who have access to “common sense,” the nation will be dominated by the illness of Homosexuality, and its enablers in the community of the Intelack.
What is “natural” in the process of Homosexuality infecting young people is the ‘natural’ adolescent confusion regarding the hormonal changes within them. This creates a fear of self, and a confusion about oneself in adolescents that the Delusional Homosexual is naturally drawn to… and makes use of in the process of mentally infecting the vulnerable adolescent with MIND-driven rhetoric that is often referred to as “grooming”. What the vulnerable adolescent needs at this time is for parents to be sensitive to the needs for intimacy [not sexual, but emotional intimacy], but many, perhaps most adults are afraid of emotional intimacy, especially with children. And this denial of natural “emotional” intimacy leaves the adolescent searching for someone to ACCEPT the confusion of the child. This then presents the Homosexual [who is constantly needing to reaffirm his or her false identity as a Homosexual] a splendid opportunity to take advantage of the need of the adolescent.
If the reader doubts what I am saying here.. the reader needs to take an opportunity to visit Seattle, Washington some evening, and watch the adult Homosexuals driving around and around certain streets where the huge population of homeless youth hang out. And the homeless youth, in need of money, sell themselves to the adult Homosexuals. And the city, a bastion of Liberalism and Progressivism, turns a blind eye to this wholesale abuse of young people. Evil breeds in places where light is absent, and light is absent in all communities where Intelack people are in positions of authority.
If my writing conveys my resentment at this practice, that is OK with me. I detest this practice, even though I realize in the larger sense of Life it is something that is taking place. And I am not an Intelack, nor a Liberal, nor a progressive, so to me abuse is abuse. I am just a simple person in many respects, and I believe the Bible when it says that Homosexuality is wrong. I believe this because I have worked with young people who were used by adult Homosexuals. And it is not possible for me to compromise with Truth, in so far as I know the Truth?
I could go on, but I’m sure the reader gets the picture. Next time someone tries to tell you that the illness of Homosexuality is a “natural” thing… ask that person what the MIND is. If that person cannot tell you what the MIND is, that person is lying… period. I don’t care who that person is, or what position that person holds… that person is a liar.
Brother James


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