The Other View of What’s Happening to Mankind…

In reading this morning, I came across some information  I had not read for a very long time. As I read, it occurred to me that what I was reading is quite pertinent to what is taking place in the world today.  It is something a great many people might find both interesting and important.

Excerpts from The Path of the Masters, by Julian Johnson; pp 427-429

It has been the tragedy of history that from age to age spirituality gradually declines. Man is thus moving toward the animal plane of life….No evil can be experienced until the spirituality of the world begins to wane in a declining age, after the lapse of millions of years. Then the world again becomes old and depleted of its spirituality. As a result, all manner of evils beset it, affecting both the individual and the race, even the world itself.

This decline can never be prevented; for the cycle of the ages, the coming and the going of the yugas [great periods of time], is as certain as the revolutions of the planets in their orbits.  It is just as inevitable as the old age of individuals. This decline runs on through all the successive ages, yuga after yuga, until the whole race, together with all other life upon the planet, reaches its lowest ebb of retrogression… All this degeneration is brought about through the destructive actions of the five passions (1), which never cease their inroads upon the individual and the whole world in general.

(1) The five passions are Kam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, and ahankar [names in Hindi], or in English they are: Lust, anger, greed, attachment and vanity.  And Dr. Johnson adds that these are the five destructive modes of action when these “faculties of the mind become deranged, abnormal or perverted.”

Dr. Johnson says: “That is to say, those very faculties which were designed by the Creator for man’s use, may become so perverted by misuse that they become destructive instead of constructive, bad instead of good”.So long as spirit controls the mind, the four faculties perform their proper function and these passions cannot manifest themselves.

The point I continuously make is that there are people [Intelack people], whose Souls possess a low-level of Spirituality, simply because these Souls are relatively new to the form of human being.  But this concept  is based on elements of Life that are a bit Esoteric.

The essential point Dr. Johnson is making  is that as Spirituality is diminished [in either the individual, or the culture] the natural desires of the MIND [lust, anger, greed, attachment and vanity] get out of control.  And this point is occasionally mentioned in Christianity,  but rarely is it stressed as an absolute correlation between ones Soul, and the MIND that is attached to every Soul.  I suspect it is not made a central part of every religious service because people would get tired of hearing about it.  I mean, this Earth is strictly for we Souls to enjoy ourselves, take every advantage we can, eat, drink, and have sex, right?  And with the Intelack Soul insisting that we must not harm the psyche of the child by insisting that the child conform to moral standards… what encouragement does this give to the negative faculties of the MIND of the child?

Materialism covers the world in a dark mantle, for superstition always follows upon gross materialism. First the mind becomes fiercely self-assertive, then dogmatically materialistic; and lastly, when learning dies out, it is followed by all forms of superstition. [Like the dark ages, one might wonder?]. …At the very moment when men are driven to the wall, compelled to fight for their very existence, that very struggle begins to lead toward their salvation.

The Darwinian thinks he has discovered an up-climbing animal. But, in fact, he has found a degenerate man.  Instead of pitying him as a poor fallen specimen of a nobler race, he things of man as a freak come up out of the darkness by fortuitous selection… 

Dr. Johnson is saying that the Intelack class scientist [as is true for those who believe that the Earth has been visited in the past by ‘extraterrestrial alien species’], when they view the debris of the Earth [being unaware of the larger picture of the ages of Man], they believe it was impossible for primitive man to have designed and built the otherwise inexplicable ruins we find on Earth.  The Intelack is unaware of Eastern Mysticism, or the teachings of the Masters, and they are therefore unaware that they are unaware of the great heights man achieved in the Golden Age, and they believe that their ‘evidence’ of  primitive Man was the BEGINNING of Man.  It never occurs to the Intelack that the ‘evidence’ they find is evidence of a fallen Man, or the decline of Man.  In this Iron Age of Man, with its darkness, evil, and degenerate MIND so prevalent in mankind… the notion there might have been a great Golden Age of Man, having existed  some millions of years ago, just doesn’t occur to most people.

Hard for us to imagine that the level of technology being developed today is simply a re-discovery of our own prior level of existence, isn’t it?  Man absent Spirituality only has one direction he can achieve. Degeneration and near extinction.  Something to think about.


Brother James


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