This is from my new book, and it is discussing the difference between the illusion of life and the Reality of Life, and our use of abstract words to POINT TO the existence of Truth, that ONLY exists in the Spiritual [Reality of Life] dimension.

So, when someone who possesses Knowledge of something speaks about what he or she KNOWS of that thing… that person is either speaking of some aspect or level of truth [which is relative truth],  or that person is using “abstract words” to describe some bit of Truth he or she may KNOW [having awakened to that Truth from Within his or her Spiritual dimension…. but which he/she cannot convey in words.

Why can’t a person convey the Truth in words?

Because words recognized by the brain are created by the brain to “stand for” those things that consist of the Energy of Truth, or the energy of the two MIND dimensions. The words used by the brain  can only “stand for” the Esoteric or invisible parts of Man, and such words are called “abstract words”. That is, they are words that are created by the brain to “stand for,” or to point to those parts of Man that exist ONLY in the two dimensions of the MIND, or the Spiritual dimension. Abstract words such as Soul, God, Truth, Reality, MIND, Intelack, Enlightened, Spirit and other terms, concepts, and symbols are all conceived by the brain as a means of pointing to phenomena that only exists Within the Lower or Higher MIND dimensions, or the Spiritual dimension. Dimensions that are invisible to the brain, in other words.

Remember the whole of Man consists of four simultaneously existing vibrational dimensions, and only one of these is physical, and thus capable of being perceived by ones brain.

Once again… Truth, Spirituality, and that which is permanent only exist within the Spiritual dimension… which is one-fourth of the whole of Man, but the Spiritual dimension of Man exists simultaneously with the other three dimensions of Man, although the physical dimension [which includes ones brain and thinking],  consists of a vibrational reality whose range ONLY includes what we call physical phenomena… and nothing that is physical can perceive or experience the vibrational energies of the MIND, or the Spiritual dimension.  Oil and water idea…

You see, only a person’s Soul can KNOW “the” Truth. And this “Knowing” is Wisdom, or Absolute Truth. This Absolute Truth is permanent, and it is never anything other than Truth. The person who has acquired some bit of Truth has done so by using his or her Intuition to experience this bit of Truth, and this activity occurs ONLY Within the Spiritual dimension, and ONLY ones faculty of Intuition has the unique ability to enter all four dimensions which comprise the whole of Man.

The Truth, in other words… must be experienced [Intuitively] by ones faculty of Intuition [which is an aspect of ones Spiritual dimension] or it cannot be known at all.  It is not possible, in other words to “know” the Truth [Wisdom] by use of ones brain. Now, for the intellectual, or Intelack type person, this is a very hard concept to accept [pride, ego, fear, disbelief, are all working against the Intelack].  The fact is, there are bits of Truth that Enlightened people can share between themselves that cannot be Known by Intelack type people.  This is just the way of Life. This has nothing to do with intelligence, IQ, education, status, race, or anything other than ones level of Enlightenment.


Brother James


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