Promised Blog about “KNOWINGS”…

Last week, I promised to include something about Intuition I learned teaching  in college many years ago… Well, this is it, which is also included in my new book.

That person who is trying to talk about Wisdom he or she has awakened to from Within him/herself will [whether consciously or non-consciously] make use of “riders of Truth” which will subtly attach themselves to certain words [thus making those certain words “riders of Truth’] and if another person is “ready” to awaken to this bit of Wisdom… from Within him or herself, then that person will subtly experience a great Ah-ha… as that bit of Wisdom bursts forth as that person awakens to the Wisdom hidden Within the Spiritual dimension of that person. This amounts to one Soul communicating to another Soul, and the two Souls are sharing Wisdom between themselves. And no one who is not “ready” to awaken to this bit of Wisdom will have any idea what is taking place Within these two Souls?

And this reminds me of the time I taught an exploratory college class I entitled “The Origin of Creativity in Man”.

My decision to teach this class was one of several strange things that I experienced during a year in which I underwent a substantial ‘waking up’ of my own Spirituality. And this class served to awaken a great deal from Within myself, and from Within about half the students in the class.

I did not ask permission to teach this class, I just thought it was important to do, so I told the class members on the first day of class the following: This class is normally entitled “Art for non-Art Majors,” but this quarter we will instead be pursuing “The Origin of Creativity in Man”. And because it will be a special class, each of you may, at the end of this class, inform me as to the grade you want for this class, and that is the grade you will receive. Then I asked the class: “How many believe this is fair”? Most of the students raised their hands, so the new class began.

In preparation for the class, I had visited the main bookstore in town, and I picked up a great many books on the occult, on mysticism, a Bible, “Be Here Now,” by Baba Ram Das, and also “Lao Tsu/Tau Te Ching,” by Feng, Gia-Fu, and Jane English. I glanced through these prior to the class, and I felt surprisingly confident that this class was very important.

The format I used was that I read a passage from one of the books, and then I proceeded to explain what prompted the author to write what was written…. presumptuous of me? Of course it was, but that is what happened.

How was I able to “know” what prompted the author to write the words he or she wrote? Well, that is somewhat difficult to explain. But part of the answer is what I have previously shared as the concept of “riders of Truth”. The only explanation I have is that during that transitional year of my life, I found myself experiencing a great many things that defied simple understanding.

The essence of this story: As I shared with the students what existed behind what the various authors wrote, many of the students began to ask questions, and this led to more and more interchanges in which students became personally involved in discussing how they were reacting to what was being said.

About half-way through the course, some of the students began to experience a very strange thing. That is , one student would say a word or two, trying to explain something he or she has Intuitively awakened to from Within him/herself, and the other person would [after hearing only one or two words] exclaim: “Yes, I Know exactly what you mean”!
______________ This extraordinary experience took the students who were experiencing this phenomenon by surprise, as it did me. In twelve years of teaching I had never experienced this phenomenon before. As the class continued, about half the class began meeting on the Commons before class to experience this phenomenon amongst themselves. In a short time their friends and other students began to crowd around them watching what was happening, but only the students in the class [and this was about half of the class] were experiencing this phenomenon.

The students labeled this phenomenon “Knowings”. And by Knowings they meant that they were sharing Intuited bits of Truth with one another… entirely via telepathic communication.

Had we stumbled upon the Origin of Creativity by accident? Well, I am reluctant to suggest this… but, I am quite certain that half the students and myself discovered a great deal about Intuition, Empathetic Understanding, telepathy, and the workings of the Spiritual dimension of Man.

The unexpected aspect of this course [at least on my part]… is that among those students who experienced these “Knowings,” many changed their majors; others decided that they were not ready for college; while others decided they wanted to spend their lives doing other things. The net result for half the class, including myself, was that we all became more open to ourselves, and more honest with what we wanted in our lives. In my case, I realized that teaching about art was not what I wanted to do. What I wanted to do was to teach people about themselves… and that meant going back to school to pursue Psychology.


Brother James


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