Something Parents Need to Know about Children…

These first two paragraphs, which are informational… come from my web site.

And this ‘ability to experience, or “see” certain higher relative truths is a natural ability that one’s Soul has earned… and it has nothing to do with ones education, race, status, profession, or whether one has parents or not? And the only people one can “share” ones Knowledge with are people who have awakened to the same level of relative truth from Within themselves. And just a word or two is needed, and the other person will quickly say: “Yes, I Know exactly what you mean.” And yet another person [an Intelack type person]  standing next to two Enlightened people will have no idea what the two of you are talking about? The Intelack type person has a MIND that is dominant over the Soul of that person, and as a consequence of this, the Intelack person simply cannot ‘see’ nor ‘hear’ the level of relative truth that an Enlightened person can see and hear.
And because the Intelack type person is unable to see or hear the higher levels of relative truth, he or she becomes frightened, and to protect him/herself, his/her MIND will attack you and try and force you to compromise by denying  what you Know, and the Intelack wants you to pretend that you don’t Know what you Know… simply to make such people feel better about their inability to experience the level of truth which your Enlightenment allows you to experience.  Well, to deny the truth one Intuitively “Knows,”  is to subtly embrace evil, and most people do not realize they are engaging in evil to placate the “needs” of the Intelack class personality.  And once again, one’s level of Enlightenment has noting at all to do with ones IQ, education, race, income level, or ones environment. It is strictly dependent upon where, on the Ladder of Life, ones Soul is perched?  And to step downward just to satisfy an Intelack type person is a denial of God.

A harsh statement? Yes, but it is also a true statement. A wise person will never deny what his or her Soul has acquired as Enlightenment… to compromise with an Intelack type person.  Politicians do this all the time, but each time they do this, they harm themselves in terms of their own Spiritual Evolution.  Never compromise with evil… is good advice.

Although… each type of person obviously is either encouraged or discouraged by the parents one has, and the type of environment  one experiences early in life…  the behavior of a child is affected, not the Psychology of the child.  The wise person clearly differentiates between a child’s behavior [which is self-protective reaction to the environment], and the Psychology of the child which is entirely separate from the brain of the child.  The impact of outside elements on a person impact the behavior of that person ONLY… and not the basic Psychology of that person.  This is a crucial point entirely missed by the fields of mental health and “psychology” today.   Today, those trained in mental health have no idea what the MIND is, where it is, or how it works. As a consequence, they are more likely to exacerbate the negativity of a child than to help the child.  And, for heavens sake, do not allow such people to place your child on drugs, which result in two things:  1. Makes your child a zombie, and 2.  Reinforces the mistaken belief Within your child’s MIND that there is something wrong with your child.  Instead seek out competent help by someone who understands the MIND. Hard to find, but worth the search.


Brother James



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